Film Camera Week for June 8

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  1. Interesting? Is that a joke? I'm practically drooling, here. :D You really should do a book of camera porn. I'd certainly buy it.

    I didn't realize it got that cold in ALL of NZ. I've seen the snow-capped peaks, of course, but I thought the lowlands were fairly temperate.
  2. Very nice! The last three, especially, are killer.
  3. Davecaz said:
    I'm at the bottom of the North Island and snow on the plains is fairly rare, though the mountains behind me have a good coating. Further North, snowfall occurs only on the high ground in the centre of the island. The South Island currently has many road closures due to snowfall from this week's storm.

    A book of camera porn? It's a great idea....
  4. Thanks Dave...and I too would buy a camera porn book...!
  5. Hello
    Here a couple from a few days ago, using the Fed2 with a black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 developed in HC110 dil. B
    I batch scanned these on the Epson V800 using Epson sofware. There was only a little adjustment in PS.
    Still lot of grain using the HC110 but with the problem I had with the Pyrocat HD I decided to use the HC110 to make sure these came out.
    There is a light leak on some of the photos and not others so I think it is a flare from the camera.
    Also the right side of the frame is darker than the left on some of the shots not sure what is going on there.
    I used an older Pentax Spotmeter that I wanted to see if it was close I didn't have the correct Mercury batt so I used a spring with the 635
    Anyways here are a few

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B trees.jpg

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B tree light leak.jpg

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B reeds.jpg

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B tree knot.jpg

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B vines 1.jpg

    Fed2  671 black Jupiter 8 Kentmere 100 HC110 Dil B birds on a lake.jpg
  6. Hello everyone. Don if you do not have one YET, get a soft rubber lens hood. 40.5mm units are currently on Ebay for about $10. I use one on every FSU around the house.The darker right side of the picture is from what people refer to as "shutter capping". . . something to do with the curtain tensions. Some where on a forum the "fix" for this has been mentioned. Aloha, Bill 2k17-12-15-DSCF0352 ces26.JPG
  7. From Puotila, Helsinki. Olympus XA, Fomapan 100, Rodinal 1+50




  8. Well I'm back with more of the same... my less than successful attempt to patch the light leaks on the Yashica Lynx 5000e with a the Yashinon 1.8 . In addition to the light leaks apparently a drop of rain on the yellow filter spoiled a least 7 images. Although the sun was shining it was spitting rain. So now the vignetting is gone. I decided the yellow filter was more important than the hood. I will eventually flip this and use the hood without the filter. This is Kentmere souped in D76.






  9. Well, it makes sense, now that I've refreshed my pathetic memory of the geography of the area. I keep forgetting how far South NZ lies

    So, was there an unspoken "but" after that "It's a great idea..."? Too much work?
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  10. A few from the "toy like" Superheadz plastic camera, which has a 22mm ultrawide fixed focus f 11 lens and single shutter speed of 1/125 second. Film was Kentmere 100. For fans of light fall-off, this camera was meant for you.
    book store
    slightly different view
    22mm likes tight spaces
    obligatory looming object in foreground photo
    view to shew pincushion distortion
    No exposure control so minor lightening or darkening done in post processing. Otherwise only resizing a bit.
    underexposed in late afternoon

    I'll have to admit this little plastic toy was a lot more fun and capable than I thought it would be.
  11. davecaz said, regarding a book of camera porn
    No, it's just that it's a pretty limited market, and I'm not too sure many publishers would be interested. However, such a project has been simmering in the back of my mind.
  12. Mike Gammill said:
    They're far better than I would have expected, Mike. I've come across that little camera before and wondered what it's capable of. An interesting post, indeed.
  13. Thanks, Rick. I got mine from Film Photography Project for $29.99. It came with a roll of Fuji Superia 200 (expiration date unknown). Not as wide as the Konica Film-In Superwide (which had a 17mm f 11 lens) but of course the Superheadz is reloadable. Definitely plan to have more fun with it.
  14. Thanks Bill
    I have a second body I got from Jurgen? that I am trying with the "new" chrome Jupiter 8.
    I had to adjust the focus on it as it was way off so we will se how those turn out, probably just retire the other body if this one works out ok, after all these are pretty cheap and if this one doesn't work I will just find a different LTM camera, maybe an IVSB? or another Fed
  15. Don, I was thinking you got the Perko from Jurgen. . . it is a gem. I have purchased all my folders (6x6 & 6x9) from him. The Fed's or Zorki's from my Ukraine source. Waiting to see what the Perko delivers. My Vito II's with the Skopar's are tack sharp. Aloha, Bill
  16. Sorry my second Fed2 came from your guy in the Ukraine, my Isolette came fromJurgen

    And I am looking at the Nicca if this Fed doesn't work out
  17. Many thanks :) XA is a very good companion while cycling. Another Maitanis masterpiece. Mju is also excellent.
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  18. JDM - this image makes me sad that Kodachrome was before my time :(

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