Film Camera Week for June 4

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  1. Greetings, all, and welcome to our new thread, Post all the images you like from any film camera. I'll start with a few from a roll I processed and scanned yesterday. Camera was Minolta SRT 101. Lens as noted. Film was Ilford FP4+ processed in HC110 dilution H.
    Objects in mirror are more distant than they appear. 28mm f 2.8 MD Celtic
    visiting at local animal shelter, same lens
    side of church, same lens
    one way entrance, same lens
    construction work (Starkville), 100mm f 3.5 MC Rokkor
    partial phase of May 26 lunar eclipse, 500mm SP Adaptall, cropped
    That's all for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Bluebells. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 micro ais, B+W 010 UV filter, Kodak Ektachrome E100. 2021 A 2 10.jpg
  3. Daisies. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 105/2.8 micro ais, 010, E100. 2021 A 2 17.jpg
  4. Bumblebee on thistle. FM2n, 105/2.8, 010, E100. 2021 A 2 18.jpg
  5. Yellow lily. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 105 micro ais, 010 UV filter, Kodak E100. 2021 A 2 22.jpg
  6. Spiderwort. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 105/2.8 micro ais, B+W 010 UV filter, Kodak Ektachrome E100. 2021 A 2 24.jpg
  7. Some from a Nikon F90X with a Tamron 28-105mm F4-5.6 IF lens. The film was Ilford Delta 400 developed in PMK Pyro.

    High Chairs

    High Chairs copy.jpg

    Almost Winter

    Almost Winter copy.jpg

    Ready for Winter

    Ready for Winter copy.jpg


    Duo copy.jpg

    That's Telling 'Em

    That's Telling 'Em copy.jpg

    The Last Day of Autumn

    The Last Day of Autumn copy.jpg

  8. Rain and more rain. Work and more work leaves no time for new photos. Good shots folks.
  9. [​IMG]



    Leica I, 35mm f/3.5 Elmar, Agfa APX 100

    After a shutter spring tweak. There is less uneven exposure now, but the problem is not completely solved yet.
  10. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Last two from Miranda D, lenses and films as noted.

    1) Soligor Miranda 5cm f/1.9 PAD, Velvia 100.

    Galleries, Miranda D Soligor Miranda 5cm f1.9.jpg

  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    2) Auto Miranda E 50/1.8, Kodak Gold 200.

    Bricks, Auto Miranda E 50 1.8.jpg

  12. 002CMC Pub Richmond C55FL-año1974.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 55. Tri-X rated at ISO 1600

    023CMC Siesta Durmiente Banco Canon FT Canon 55 f1.2.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 55 (f1.2) Ilford HP4 rated at ISO 2000

    008CMC Palomas Hitchcock-CanonFT-CanonFL55.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 55. Tri-X rated at ISO 1600​
  13. We're off to a good start on our thread. I look forward to seeing some more images. I've serviced my bicycle so I plan to take a camera along on some of my rides. I took a relatively short "test trip" (about 5 miles) on the bicycle this morning and snapped a few images with my Minolta Hi-Matic 7S.
  14. I came across an odd little lens last week at a garage sale, a 28-75mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom with a Minolta AF mount. It was pretty obviously one of the creations of the Korean Samyang factory, but the only name on the lens appeared to be "QTII", something I'd not come across before. After a lot of digging around on the internet it would appear to be a "Focal" lens, an in-house brand of the US Kmart company. We never had Kmart stores down here in New Zealand until fairly recently, so I guess this lens must have arrived from the USA at some earlier point in time. It appeared to be quite well made, with clear glass and surprisingly heavy, so I paid the $10 the guy was asking and brought it home. I cleaned it up and fitted it to a Minolta 807si, my previous experiences with older Samyang lenses rather jaundicing my expectations, but it's proved to be a very competent little lens, notable for producing minimal linear distortions.

    Here's a pic of the lens and a few sample images. The film was Kentmere 100 developed in PMK Pyro.


    Hilltop Road

    Hilltop Road.jpg





    Morning : River Flats

    Morning River Flats.jpg

    Dawn Behind the General Store

    Dawn behind the general store.jpg

  15. Nice images, Rick. The lens was probably one of the later Samyangs as the quality seems on par with the Japanese made zooms of similar range. I remember when the first Korean made lenses were imported to the USA: fixed focal lengths like 28 and 135 were decent, if unspectacular performers, but zooms usually suffered at extremes of focal length and at wide apertures. By the time J.C. Penney, K Mart, and Sears were outsourcing zooms from Korea the performance was much improved. Even Vivitar had a lens or two that came from same plant as Samyang. I recall that the 500mm f 8 mirror lens that Vivitar offered was the same lens as the Samyang. The first Korean made zoom lens that really got a lot of attention was the 18-28 (Vivitar marketed it as a 17-28) which performed well enough considering its range and low price.
    Bottom line- any of these later lenses that show up at bargain prices might be worth a try.
  16. A few I don't THINK I've posted yet- Galveston TX, January 2021. Film was my 1st use of Fuji Provia 100f in 35mm format. Camera Voigtlander R3m and the lens was probably my 50mm f3.5 Heliar, which produced varying results in the flat and/or rainy weather & light. In retrospect I may have gotten better results using my faster 40mm f1.4 Nokton Classic, but hey it's all over now so no sense crying, eh? In the end I'm happy with these and of course it's all memories of friendships and places visited.



    below: many or most U.S. coastal states' departments of transportation operate free ferries. The Texas DOT ferry shown here runs from Galveston across to the Bolivar Peninsula.


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  17. Moving on, I traveled along the coastal roads out of Galveston making my way on all small roads, eventually veering north off the coast and driving all the way up to Nashville. This roll of Provia lasted up to Baton Rouge. Some of these I may have posted already, iso please pardon any redundancies. Additionally I also took phone shots of some of the locations and definitely posted a few of them around the site. Any film shots here that feel familiar may have been due to posting very similar phone pix. Again, hopefully not to bore anyone with the same ol same ol. :)






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  18. Well I'm back...I just developed two rolls and I have one from two weeks ago.. I mentioned a Contax RTS with a bad shutter/2nd curtain. Well the plan was to take the 35mm ML that lives on the RTS and swap it over to the FXD which has the 28mm ML lens as endcap. As I picked it up the shutter surprisingly started to respond correctly so I thought; what the heck, lets see what happens. In retrospect , I only lost 2 frames so it was a lucky decision that paid off. I used the 28mm ML. Recently a lively thread about the Vito III which comes stock with the F2 Ultron was running, and reminded me I haven't used my Vitomatic IIIb/Ultron since forever, so I took the yellow filter from the Jupiter 12 and off I went last Saturday. Like Mike, I am working to get my bike roadworthy and took a walk to the "we sell everything" store to get a tire valve. On the way home, I found a "like new" bike being thrown away, so took that home with me. I regrettably didn't buy the complete tube because I was carrying the camera (valve adapter idea was false hope) . So since I couldn't' work on the bike on Sunday b/c now I really needed a new tube; I then loaded the Yashica FXD now sporting the 35mm ML from the RTS and shot that roll too. So; Contax RTS/28mm,, Vitomatic/Ultron and Yashica FXD/35mm ...all had yellow filters Film was Agfa APX100 souped in D76 1:1 Straight scans

    PS you've indulged me.. so I once again posted too many marginal banal pics

    28mm-yel filter01.jpg

    Intersection Contax RTS 28mm - this corner house is new/under construction

    28mm-yel filter02.jpg

    Kyffhäusser Haus

    28mm-yel filter05.jpg

    Antonius Kirche

    28mm-yel filter17.jpg

    Auferstehungskirche - Church of the Resurrection

    28mm-yel filter18.jpg

    Greek Orthodox Church - low contrast :(

    28mm-yel filter20.jpg

    Vodafon HQ . - New Religion - Cellular Telephones :)

    yel filt04.jpg

    Vitomatic Ultron - Hanging Gardens

    yel filt09.jpg

    Grave Stone Masons - Heerter Friedhof

    yel filt10.jpg

    Back of Office Bldg Weekend

    yel filt14.jpg

    Medical Bldg- Albertus See

    yel filt16.jpg

    St Benediktus- Heerdt Albertus See

    yel filt22.jpg

    Medical Bldg - Road Construction in Foreground

    ML35mm-yel filter04a.jpg

    Galeria Kaufhof - Needs perseptive control :(

    ML35mm-yel filter07.jpg

    Rheinscape - I cross the street and voila.. Am Rhein! View to Düsseldorf

    ML35mm-yel filter12a.jpg

    Monument to Til Ülenspiegel - (primarily) Literary Figure - Known for social satire

    ML35mm-yel filter20.jpg

    Rhein Promenade - Oberkassler Brueke

    28mm-yel filter23.jpg
  19. Pentax espio AF zoom Fuji Superia 400





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