Film Camera Week for June 29

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  1. Mom. Portra 400. Minolta Hi-Matic, last of the line. With apologies, as this is the only camera I've ever owned that uses auto-focus.

  2. Tia Gladys, near L.A. Provia 100, M3, Summicron.

    Tia Gladys.JPG
  3. Shooting.jpg Velvia 100 in the F2, 400 gn. cast lead in the .480 Alaskan for a nice early start shooting this morning.....
  4. I have been running a test roll with two zooms, it took too long to finish. First the Nikkor 100-300 f/5.6


    and then a second zoom, 35-105 f/3.5 to 4.5, in a misty overcast winter day down here in the Southern Hemisphere.


    I had forgotten how convenient zooms are. FP4+ in home-made Beutler.
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  5. And I thought I was the only "shooter" on the site, firearms that is.
    If this is not appropriate please feel free to delete

    Trapdoor Springfield.jpg

    Green River Hawken.jpg
  6. Image (15).jpg Delta Bluff Sunset F3 w/ 20 mm Fuji Velvia 100
  7. Whoa! Yeah, that's horrible! It's hard to imagine any company knowingly putting out such trash, but it's equally hard to imagine that they're not aware of these problems.
  8. View attachment 1252130 [/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the kind words Rick.. means a lot to me! I am so pleased with the Flektogon!!
  9. From one of my short loads of 1981 Panatomic-X. I've been working out a good time for dilution H developing at 68F. I choose my 8000i because of its accurate metering under a variety of conditions and the Maxxum 50mm f 2.8 macro. I might shave another 30" of processing time to make less work in post processing. A few samples:
    Rated at box speed ISO 32
    above gear plus 2000xi flash with lens at f 6.7, cropped
    Panatomic-X, like Pan F+, Agfa APX 25, and similar films can be cropped with minimal quality loss when properly developed and scanned. I cropped to improve composition rather than show off fine grain since the hallway was dark and I depended on the near infrared focus assist from the flash for autofocus.
    too hot to play (and it was Saturday so it was closed anyway)
    I like macro 50's as my normal lens when light permits and even at f 2.8 such lenses are very useful, even with slow films.
    Van interior with lens wide open at f 2.8 (aperture priority automation)
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  10. [​IMG]
    British old timer car meet,
    Contax I with Ross Definex
  11. Hello everyone. Rick's comments about the EDU 200 film also extend to the Foma 200 emulsions, both 120 & 35. Foma has made the EDU emulsions for Freestyle Camera for close to 10 years now, and the manufacture "defects" have stayed with the film until now. The 100 or 400 speed emulsions for the most part work without fault. Why the hell Freestyle has allowed the film to STILL have the defects beats me. Foma must be divided, since they have made no attempts (IMHO) to correct an otherwise excellent emulsion. Bill
  12. Back when Paterson sold film, their Acupan films were made by Foma as well.

  13. Could it be they (Freestyle) knowingly receive a subpar (ie seconds) from Foma??
  14. [​IMG]
    More Contax I with Definex
  15. neg17_ps2-lr2-1150.jpg

    Nikkormat EL, 50mm f/1.4, Arista.EDU 200, D-76
  16. It's been a great week of photos, everyone. Spent some time yesterday and the day before late afternoon helping a neighbor cut down part of a tree that fell across his driveway. Part of it landed on his mid-80s Ford Bronco but did little damage. Luckily his wife's vehicle was out of the way. Might use a few of my photos of this. Took us two chainsaws and a lot of dragging branches to the street to clean it up.
    Roll of Plus-X with some tree photos is hanging up to dry at the moment so likely I'll scan in time to start the new thread tomorrow.
  17. Horse.jpg Trying to pan, Pentax ME Super Fuji Velvia 100
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  18. Horsepan.jpg Another try, missed the tail....
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  19. Hello everyone. Chuck, I really do not think Freestyle is accepting the 200 material in their EDU films without some type of pressure by Foma about them supplying the 100 or 400 material. From what I read off several European blogs, Foma knowns 2k18-051-DSCF0867 ces13 gsbc 11x14.JPG of the 200 flaws but has made no attempt to fix their processes. The Lucky & Shanghi films from China died from lack of sales, due to emulsion issues. Photographers know crap when they see it & don't return to buy another roll. Here is a frame from this weekend of vintage car racing. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Rollei 80s, OA & V800 scan. Bill

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