Film Camera Week for June 29

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  1. Great work with the new kit, Tony. I used to be fairly wary of zoom lenses but I find the convenience of zooms too much to resist. Ozone Optical created some very good lenses; I have a Soligor 135/2.8 attributable to that company and it beautifully made and a very good performer. Please show us more from these acquisitions.
  2. Thank you Mike & Rick. I have reloaded it and will continue my explorations.
  3. Nikon F 50mm 1.4 Kentmere 100
    Luxembourg. Cloudy day and cold. Occasionally the sun would try to come thru and that's when I shot these somewhat acceptable photos.

  4. In keeping with the Ikonta theme, here are from a few years back a few from Acadia National Park Maine, taken with the A531 Super Ikonta, 75mm CZ Jena Tessar on Verichrome Pan:

    Tidal Pool


    Sandy Beach


    Bass Harbor Rocks


    Cheers, Allan
  5. Hello
    A couple more from the Leica IIIf HP5

    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B antlers2.jpg

    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B walk.jpg
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B trackers.jpg
  6. Like some Giant Ro-Bot Boo-Day.....;)
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  7. Recovering from cervical spine surgery with a two level ACDF, I haven't been able to get out of the house. With that restriction I developed the last roll of HP5 shot while in Japan last April. Nice thing about the surgery is that I can actually feel the film as I roll it onto the spool. Photos from Atami which is about 2 hours by train from Tokyo. Atami is a resort town known for hot springs and was a get away town for famous Japanese authors. All created with Leica M6, Voigtlander Color-Sckopar 35 f/2.5, HP5, DD-X, and scanned on Epson 850.

    Natural hot spring foot bath outside the Atami train station. People enjoy a foot bath while waiting for the train.

    Two cute girls. My niece and her daughter.

    A restaurant where we had lunch
  8. Got round to filling up the last couple of frames in the Grafmatic for the Auto Graflex RB.
    One from last May at Huis Doorn. Cropped a bit.

  9. And one of the filler shots

  10. agfarecordtest.jpg

    And one of the survivors from roll I shot with the Agfa Record-III from last week. I probably messed up reinstalling the front focusing group of the lens.
    And there's a light leak I've not been able to pin down.
  11. In my last import of film from the US I included a few rolls of Arista 200 in the 120 size. I really like the tonality and sharpness of this film but I gave up using it a couple of years ago because of the numerous manufacturing defects in the emulsion; pinholes, scratches, hairy things... you name it. While not so noticeable in textured areas, in broad tonal areas such as sky these become a real PITA. While they can be tidied up in post-processing, it's a time-consuming process and hard on the eyesight. Alas, this latest batch has the same problems. I shot a test roll yesterday and while I really like the overall results it's taken more time than I can really afford to knock them into shape. The camera was a Kiev 60 TTL fitted with a 80mm Volna 3 f/2.8 lens, and the film was developed in PMK Pyro.

    Ruamahanga Station

    Ruamahanga Station.jpg





    Various Hazards

    Various Hazards.jpg



    Tools of the Trade

    Tools of the Trade.jpg

  12. A couple of things came together for me... The best of which is a new job!! And if my joy could not be complete, my long gone Contax IIa has turned up... only later did I realize the RF is not working at all.. but the problem was the shutter and it now works consistently. I gave it to a friend nearly two years ago... friends are not obligated to meet a schedule...though often prodded. Part of my joy is I now have a few weeks off before I start my new job!! So I got out and about with a 35mm Flektogon mounted to a Werra, and my tried and true Rolleiflex T in 645 kit and with yellow filter.. which despite my strain of good luck must've fallen off the camera on the way home??!?
    So two from each setup ..shot on the same day. Ummm sorry if the scenery is the same I don't get around much anymore! First two: Flektogon with Kentmere, second two: Rolleiflex T with Acros. Both films souped in D76 1:1 straight scans.





  13. Awesome work, Rick. I can see why you like that film. Luckily, I can not see why you dislike it, so your post-processing work must have been equally good.

    It always amazes me that a seemingly pedestrian scene like Tools of the Trade can become as fascinating a work of art as something like the tree in Loner.
  14. optimus.jpg

    Another filler shot from the Kodak Auto Graflex.
    Optimus 8R stove
  15. Davecaz said:
    Thanks Dave, your comments are appreciated. Here's a pumped-up section of the scan to give you some idea of the problems, the lines are not power lines or scratches from the camera, but appear quite haphazardly throughout the whole film.

    Emulsion Pnet.jpg
  16. That's fine quality work from both the Werra and the Rollieflex, Chuck. I do like the "silvery" look of the Acros emulsion and I should use it more often than I do, though your results with the Kentmere reinforce my liking of that stock.
  17. Unicorns and Puppies. Leica M3, Summicron, Portra 400.

    Unicorns and Puppies.JPG

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