Film Camera Week for June 26

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  1. I'm right there with you James. Kudos to you Rick.
  2. Kodak Retina llc Untitled-20.jpg
  3. Bettendorf said :
    Thank you, I'm honoured.
  4. Just to keep things moving along, here are some from a Minolta X-700 fitted with a Minolta MD 35-70mm f/3.5 lens.The film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in Pyrocat HD.


    Deco II copy.jpg


    Mid-morning copy.jpg

    @Food for Thought

    @Food for Thought copy.jpg


    Exit copy.jpg

  5. Something went wrong here :-(

    Canon T50 FD 28 mm f2.8 AGFA Portrait 160
  6. Some more Kentmere 100 (HC110-H), this time from Konica Auto S 1.6. I shot these the same week I shot the ortho film so a few places make look familiar.
    Yard at Heritage Museum in Starkville
    sign framed by trees
    Edge of Moncrief Park in Starkville
    multiple store window reflections, West Point
    nice little place to eat, big rig parking for those who need it, also West Point
    Keep those photos coming, everyone. I'd like to see this thread make it to three pages if possible.
  7. Mike Gammill said:
    I'm trapped inside by seemingly endless rain, but at least I have time to delve into a few folders of image I've not sorted before. Here are a few from the Mamiya 645 1000s with a 150mm Mamiya-Sekor f/3.5 lens. The film was Ilford HP5 Plus developed in Pyrocat HD.

    Nice results from the Kentmere 100, Mike. Sometimes I think I'd be quite content using it consistently, instead of the more expensive films.


    @Superminx copy.jpg


    Beech copy.jpg

    Just Gloves

    Just Gloves copy.jpg

    Twelve Forty Seven

    Twelve fortyseven copy.jpg


    Hall copy.jpg

  8. Nice HP5+ images, Rick. That's another film I like.
  9. From my still unfinished Kodak Hawkeye 2A folder with Tominon 105mm f4.5 lens project, converted to 6x9 . Delta 100, ID 11 1:1

    Escarpments Landscape.jpg

    "Jurassic Park" (minus dinosaurs)
    "Jurassic Park".jpg
  10. Another film I like, that has become expensive over the last few years is Eastman 5222 (aka Eastman Double-X). This is a motion picture film that was once only available as "short ends", usually packaged in 100' lengths to fit bulk loaders. Freestyle offered it for many years. When I discovered it I could buy it for 5 cents a foot, making a 100' cost only 5 USD. Now a 100' length is around 100 USD, although at that price you do get fresh stock cut from a larger roll rather than short ends. You can also buy individual 36 exposure rolls for around 10 USD per roll. I have one reloaded roll left from my last 100' roll that I plan to use soon. Undecided if I'm getting another 100' as currently it's about the same price as the same amount of Tri-X and about 20 USD higher than HP5+. For now, a sampling of some of my earlier work with Eastman 5222.
    Eupora MS building, It was a Chevrolet dealership until about 1980. Any cars still around that have a Gammill Chevrolet dealer stamp on them came from here (an uncle of mine owned it)
    I don't remember which camera, but likely a Minolta SRT or XE
    equipment, same roll
    an old 2.8 liter V6 (some of its horses have escaped)
    winter trees, Minolta XE-7, 50mm f 1.4 MC Rokkor
    Maxxum 8000i with 35-70 f 4
    former drug store, Minolta SRT 101 and Sigma 90mm f 2.8 macro
    neighbors' cat likes to drink from bird bath, same gear as previous photo
    summer clouds, same gear plus deep yellow filter
    Trees and pond, Yashica FX3- Super 2000 (don't remember the lens)
    Most of my Eastman 5222 was processed in HC100 dilution B, although my first few rolls were in stock D-76. There are ample starting times/developer combinations on the Massive Development Chart. I've learned to be careful not to overdevelop this film as it can show grain under those conditions.
  11. Circles and "S"s, Mamiya Press Standard, 100mm, Delta 100, ID 11 1:1
    Circles and "S"s.jpg

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