Film Camera Week for June 22

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  1. Thanks Andy! I think with the camera handheld, the linkage from the shutter button, through the camera, to the shutter release lever can cause a lot of movement. Add to that, handholding a filter with the other hand can induce even more. If there’s a way to attach the filter it would help. I never obtained the slip-on filters for the Ikonta so I had to improvise.
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  2. Great selection from everyone.
    Just one from me this week - Olympus Pen FT with OM 50mm f/1.4.

  3. Great photos so far. Unfortunately no new shots since last weeks, so a couple of recent-but-not-that-recent results.


    Kiev-2, Helios-103, Fomapan 100 in Perceptol


    Leica R6, Summicron-R 90mm, Delta 100 in Perceptol
  4. Just scanned a roll of Plus-X that I processed earlier today. First shots from my newly acquired Tamron Adaptall 35-80 f 2.8-3.8. Really didn't need it as I have plenty of zooms (including a fair number in Adaptall mounts), but the great results I've seen hear kept tempting me to look for one. Recently loaded some cold stored Plus-X in one of my bulk loaders so I used a roll of that. Camera was Minolta XE.
    35mm setting
    80mm setting, both images with the lens around f 8 to f 11
    I think at the wider focal lengths there's some barrel distortion
    a little barrel distortion? Regarding the sign: don't you wish this was true for film
    The close focusing ability of it is useful as well.
    Medium distance
    close enough to see the dash needs dusting
    One more
    Gear selector
  5. 1960s dorm life
    People were thrown into the lake, or failing that, into the shower​
  6. Hello everyone. Allan, Andy, you might be interested in the push-on adapters for the vintage folders. My Agfa's use 30.5 mm push-on to Series V or Series 6 drop in filters. These were very common during the time of the folders. These adapters also allow the addition of the lens shade. Bill DSCF6656 gsbc.JPG
  7. Hello all
    Here are a few from a bulk roll of HP5 with the Leica IIIf with the "new" Elmar 3.5-22 developed in HC110 dil. B
    Some have grain issues some not so much, need to try some other developers, I am going to order some more Pyrocat HD in glycol this time as the last batch in water I think went bad/stale?? I have some Rodinal I may give it a try next time and I need to try HC110 at dil. H as well.

    Sprinkler stand
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B sprinkler stand.jpg

    waterfall manmade
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B waterfall.jpg
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B bear.jpg

    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B planter.jpg
    whale statue
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B statue whale.jpg

    and some grain!
    Leica IIIf Elmar 3.5 HP5 HC110 dil B outdoor world2.jpg
  8. Great work, Don. Regarding HC110, I have better control over most film with dilution H. I still do Tri-X at dilution B but next bulk roll I get I may try H. Besides, it's "cheaper". I've come up with times for films not even recommended for HC110 dilution H over the years. For example, the original Rolliepan 25 does well for me at dilution H.
  9. Howdy everyone. Don, grain or whatever, the frames are sharp & chrisp. . .I will take that with ANY combo of film / developer. Do get the HD in DSCF0744 ces5 gsbc 11x14d.JPG glycol Don, as it last almost forever. . .have a half full bottle under the sink and just developed this 80S neg yesterday. . . it's marked 9/14, so like fine wine..... Fed-2 / Jupiter-80 Bill
  10. It's a small world. Went to the Kailua Farmers Market and met Fabio. We were talking and soon discovered that he went to boot camp with my son in San Diego. They served in the same unit and did two combat tours in Iraq together. Both are out of the Corps pursuing other interests now.

    Leica M6, HP5, DD-X, Epson 850.

  11. On Saturday I developed a roll I shot with my Record III last week, unfortunately it had an undiscovered light leak along one edge of the bellows. :(
  12. Hello everyone. Randal, I see you met the guy's who run "Aloha Salsa" . Which one is Fabio? If he is the cook, bring a handful of statins for his killer breakfast burrito. Sooo good!!. . .sooo bad for our aging, plugged arteries !! Aloha from the mainland. Bill 2k18-029-019 ces10 bc 4x6 ces5.jpg
  13. Hello Again

    I just got this roll back from the processor FotoExpress in San Jose, CA
    I got them scanned this evening and half of them run through PS so thought I would post a few.
    These came out of the Canonet QL17 GIII and the film is Fuji Pro400h, Not bad on the color, for me anyway!
    I hope you will honestly critique my scanning, I am trying to do less as it is more, but let me know if you see something I need to correct, ie: too much, too little cyan,red blue,yellow or green.magenta.

    condos I even used the Digital Ice on this one and a couple others
    Canonet QL17 GIII Fuji Pro400h condos.jpg

    Canonet QL17 GIII Fuji Pro400h drips.jpg
    just some dumb flowers
    Canonet QL17 GIII Fuji Pro400h bulbs.jpg

    Canonet QL17 GIII Fuji Pro400h cone.jpg
    water stand
    Canonet QL17 GIII Fuji Pro400h water stand.jpg
  14. Aloha Bill, Fabio is the cook. Mike is the taller server. Sorry no new photos today. Got my neck fixed. Have to spend the night in Tripler. Expect discharge tomorrow AM if all goes well.
  15. Saab Sonnet

    Himatic_194_Saab Sonnet.jpg

    Minolta Himatic 7S Berrger Pancro 400
  16. Like Mike, I like to use dil. H for HP5, and feel it's a great combination. However, HP5 in Rodinal for me really doesn't work; not a combination I'd recommend (I do however like Tri-X in Rodinal).
  17. Don Harpold said:
    Those scans are looking pretty good, Don, in my humble opinion. However, there does seem to be a problem with a strong blue cast creeping into shadows and highlights, in the pic of the flowerpot and the last image of the garden. I had a quick shot at correcting this in Photoshop, but to no avail; it's too extreme and too isolated in the colour range. I've not encountered this problem myself, and I can only surmise that you're using a pre-set profile in the scanning, and have selected an inappropriate one. Try adjusting your colour balance using the manual settings at the preview stage, prior to scanning. It could also be due to poor film processing or heat-damaged film...
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  18. Thanks Rick
    I did notice the last photo when I was done seemed to have a little too much blue, in preview I am trying to adjust down on the cyan and I do not remember if I bumped up the blue, should I adjust a little down on the blue toward yellow? Should I cut back on saturation, etc.

    I am just scanning and then adjusting each, ie; cyan/red green/magenta and blue/yellow to what looks good on my screen. I was told on some previous scans I had way too much cyan so I keeping trying to shy away from that end.

    again thanks for the comments,
  19. I really like the sad sack cone. The flowers look good, but I think they're upside down.
    Nice! That's a very rare car, over here.
  20. Don Harpold said:
    Well, it sounds as if you're doing everything right, once again in my opinion! Having spent a few years processing and printing film, I'd have my suspicions about the quality of the film and/or the processing, in this instance. Incidentally, it pays not to make adjustments in the red/cyan arena unless really necessary, but work in the yellow/blue, green/magenta. Cyan adjustments affect the other colours quite dramatically.
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