Film Camera Week for June 11

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  1. Greetings, all and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I'll start with a few shots from a roll of Ilford FP4+ that I processed and scanned yesterday. Camera was Minolta HiMatic 7S.
    motorcycle on trailer
    I used the automatic setting on all photos. Film rated at box speed and processed in HC110 dilution H.
    crossing and walkway
    storm damage from Tuesday afternoon
    flash flooding (grab shot so I missed focus a bit)

    wider view of fallen tree
    That's all for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Granddaughter's ballet recital. She is fourth from left. Nikon F6, Zeiss Otus 85/1.4, Kodak 400TX or Tri- 2021 ab&w 6 14.jpg X
  3. Granddaughter's ballet recital, she is third from left. Nikon F6, Zeiss Otus 85.1.4, 400TX. 2021 ab&w 6 19.jpg
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  4. My granddaughters. Nikon F6, Zeiss Otus 85/1.4, 400TX. 2021 ab&w 6 29.jpg
  5. My son, wife, and daughter. Nikon F6, Zeiss Otus 85/1.4, 400TX. 2021 ab&w 6 31.jpg
  6. My son and his wife and daughter. Nikon F6, Zeiss Otus 85/1.4, Kodak 400TX or Tri-x. 2021 ab&w 6 35.jpg
  7. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taken with Kowa H, ProImage 100 film.

    Apartments, Kowa H.jpg

    Mixed-Use Building
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  9. posted before in another forum
    007CMC Detención Policial Manifestación Sikh-Londres-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg

    005CMC Gato Brandy Mirándome-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg

    018CMC Bañista-Pza Trafalgar-Londres-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg
    Canon F-1. Canon FL 135. Tri-X rated at ISO 1600. D-76 (straight) 13' at 20ºC​
  10. Espio_0102_Gang.jpg Espio_0103_Lamp boven deur.jpg Espio_0104_Boerderij.jpg Espio_0106_Banken achter hek.jpg
    Pentax espio AF zoom Fuji Superia 400
  11. Some from a Yashica 230-AF with a 70-210mm Yashica (Kyocera) f/4.5 lens. The film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in PMK Pyro.

    Abstract : Bike and Bark

    Abstract Bark and Bike copy.jpg


    Chambers copy.jpg

    Queen's Birthday at the Swan

    Queens Birthday at The Swan copy.jpg

    Builders Yard

    The Builders Yard copy.jpg

    The Pig in the Window

    The Pig in the Window copy.jpg

    Tyre Centre

    Tyre Centre copy.jpg

  12. Sandias at Sunset
    Heiland Pentax H2 35mm Culmigon Kodachrome
  13. A few shots from a roll of Delta 100 shot in the Pentax LX through the 50 f1.2. I am very fond of this combination.
    BR D100 0621 038.jpg BR D100 0621 035.jpg BR D100 0621 033.jpg BR D100 0621 024.jpg BR D100 0621 007.jpg BR D100 0621 005.jpg BR D100 0621 030.jpg
  14. Just got several rolls of film worth of scans in. These form a lab I hadn't used before, The Color House in NYC. My buddy who lives and works in the City dropped them off on Wednesday andI had the scans in my inbox on Friday- pretty great service right there, IMO!

    Anyway, I have a few images to post around but here's one of the favorites from a motorcycle hillclimb we went to... jeez was it just last weekend? It's been a busy week, as I'm back to working more & more as the Entertainment industry gears up after a rather long 15 months of nothingness. Yes, this was *only* a week ago.

    This is 35mm Fuji Provia 100F in my Voigtlander R3m with (I'm pretty sure) the 50mm f3.5 Heliar lens

  15. and here's the view over his head:


    and a couple more;


  16. From last weekend



    Kodak Medalist with overexposed and overdeveloped Orwo Pan 400 that expired over 25 years ago.

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