Film Camera Week for July 28

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  1. It doesn't look like a developing problem. I'd look at the focus on the film plane as suggested.
  2. That is what I was afraid of. Thanks
  3. The lacing on the bike is a 2 cross pattern. What might make it look different is the spokes do not touch at the second cross. However the spokes are short compaired to a wheel with a small hub flange and of a beefy diameter so it was laced without touching or over lapping which requires a slight bowing. There are many ways to lace a wheel.
  4. prakticatlx 100-300 zoom tmax400 8-1-17 j.jpg prakticatlx 100-300 zoom tmax400 8-1-17 n.jpg prakticatlx 100-300 zoom tmax400 8-1-17 m.jpg Better results with PraktikaMTL3 and Sigma 200-300 mm zoom Tmax400.
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  5. Another diagnostic tool at your disposal, Donald, is to examine your negatives directly with a magnifier. If you don't have a good magnifier, a 50mm lens set wide open is good magnifier. BTW, glad to see that Praktika ML3 in action.
  6. Charles , that is great thing to do , hopefully your 1947 Raleigh found a good home .
    Front wheel spoke lacing ? I wouldn't know if is the correct way .....but rossb already gave us explanation . Thanks .
  7. [​IMG]
    by Georg, auf Flickr
    disintegrating pitchfork, shot with a Hassi 500 ELX + S-Planar 120/5.6 on very expired HP5plus and developed in Rodinal.
    This roll of HP5+ had a strong base-fog and some frames showed mottling. The negatives turned out very thin.
    Flickr added some unwanted sharpening to the scan.
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  8. Another one, this one was shot with a Rolleicord III, about 65 years old, but on fairly fresh film this time:

    ...bridge to my heart ;-)
    by Georg, auf Flickr
    Rolleicord III, Rollei RPX 100 in Xtol 1+2
  9. Great job with the Rolleicord III, Georg. I have one as well that I need to exercise. Haven't used in several months.

    Still some time left on this thread if anyone has any more images. Really nice work, this week.
  10. CCBguns.jpg

    Tools of the Trade, Angoville-au-Plain, CCB 1944-2017 trip,
    Leica IIIc, Sonnar 5cm f/1.5, Y2 filter, Kodak Double-X
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  11. FIGIRED IT OUT! The pressure plate on the back door is missing. Can not expect to focus with out that. I have another for parts so I am in luck

    Thanks for you input. Sometimes it is the milldc st simple,and overlooked things the are the devils in the details
  12. That sounds like that was it. Its too obvious to consider. Post some pictures from your next roll.

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