Film Camera Week for July 2

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    I wish one day to meet you in person. Your Dad was apparently a wonderful person as was your Mom. Love the images you get with Minolta cameras and good old Ilford FP4+. A great British classic emulsion.
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  2. 026CMC Ciclista Charco-CanonF1-CanonFL55.jpg

    012CMC Tower Bridge Puente Moto-CanonFT-CanonFL55.jpg

    009CMC Pub COURAGE-CFL55.jpg

    007CMC Tres Niñas Colegialas-CanonFT-CanonFL55.jpg
    all with Canon FT. Canon FL 55. Tri-X 400. Straight D-76 (1:1) 8' at 20º​
  3. Well I did get out with the Exa as mentioned in the "What camera weekend" page. I've been feeling ill and it was hot. I got out in the late afternoon as it had cooled down a bit. The week before, after defrosting the freezer, I was set on using some film that had been "cooling" for many years. The 5-6 rolls are mostly "saving for the right time/situation. I had a 8 year old roll of Ilford Pan F 50. The last time I shot this I was disappointed in the high contrast, I shot it in an Agfa box camera from the 30s. I thought this was a good match, but the results were not to my liking; too much contrast etc. This outing, I decided I would be using Rodinal and I would shoot 6x7 Century Graphic ..inspired by the research John Seaman provided , that the Ektat 101mm was Heliar inspired. . I made an unfortunate cardinal error. The old rule of thumb.. no shutter speed slower than your focal length. I had never shot the "inner court" of the Vodafon complex that is nearby and on the weekends it's deserted so I was excited to get to it. Luckily, I also brought the Contax II loaded with the 35mm Jupiter 12. This saved the expedition. Most of the shots I did in the inner court were metered at F11 at a 60th. and are just not sharp at all shake ..the Century is a big ass camera to wield and I would've been better suited with a tripod. Hindsight is 20:20 . The Rodinal was the ticket and the subject lent itself well to the emulsion etc. I noted little tonal difference from the APX100 shot with the Jupiter 12/yellow filter.
    That was last week, this week The Exa was the designated hitter and also the seldom used120mm Biometer was put to use. Results were mixed. Many done with the Biometar had a dark line on the long edge.. shutter lag or bounce? This is only the third roll for this acquisition. The Flektogon was also used, with more consistent results. Debating whether to post the "Hall of Shame" shots as a lesson to others..or stick with "good " results for the Century (umm none found) . I'll note what was what. The 35mm rolls were done in D76 1:1 The Pan F 50, as mentioned in Rodinal.


    Century Graphic with Ektar 101mm ..well both focus and camera shake .. Shame Shame..


    The Jupiter 12 ...a bit of perspective correction would, help, but this is what is should've been..


    Jupiter 12 From the other end of the courtyard looking to the apex.


    Jupiter 12 ..inside apex looking out.


    Jupiter 12 Rose Bushes on the stone wall in front of my Apartment.


    Biometar- Across the Wiese neighbor - Aurin Haus


    Biometar Domenikus Hospital .. note the dark edge - right not on the previous image


    Biometar "The Return" just up the street from my Apartment.. can'T be sure if the the right edge is bad??


    Flektogon - Alt Stad Schlüssel Brewery.. ummm the 4th byword ....."f...k wat da ist"


    Flektogon - Alt Stadt -Uknown Bldg.. basement has a raked stage for live music.. excellent acoustics was a Jazz club many years ago... patio restaurant of some sort now


    Biometar - St Martin of Tours Mounument in front of the Andreas Kirche -- note no dark edge
  4. I prefer the contrast here. Nice!
  5. Many done with the Biometar had a dark line on the long edge.. shutter lag or bounce?

    Some long lenses give that result in an Exa. I believe it comes from some shortcoming in the basic Exa shutter.
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Chuck - the site mentions that "the original Exa and Exa I had some vignetting along longer sides of the frame when used with lenses longer than 100 mm (or lens extensions providing image magnifications greater than 0.7x)." Exakta System Lenses
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  7. Started the week with the M50/2.8 on Pentax KX loaded with FP4. Then, motivated by Rick's beautiful use of the Tamron Adaptall 35-210, replaced the 50mm with the Tamron, which I have not used before. I originally got this as a cheaper substitute for the SP 90mm when I was planning some junior family portraiture which never eventuated. As reported this is a heavy beast, not recommended for casual photography. Consequently the Tamron shots were all per Tripod, Mirror Up, Self Timer. Film developed in Pyro HD.

    For the M 50/2.8.

    Untitled (2).jpg


    For the Tamron.

    Untitled (6).jpg

    Untitled (10).jpg
    Me or U?

    Untitled (9).jpg

    Untitled (7).jpg

    Untitled (11).jpg

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  8. AF35J_0058_Fontein.jpg
    Fountain clock
    AF35J_00059_Porsche.jpg AF35J_00060_Rioolbuizen.jpg AF35J_00061_Rioolbuizen.jpg
    Canon AF35J Retropan 320
  9. That was my thought too the nature of how the shutter works.. which is still a bit of a mystery...
  10. Thanks for the info Dave.. I suppose that's it.. as it mentions the longer sides.. I generally weas using f11 and it didn'T happen every time..but that'S a good point about longer lenses
  11. Had a chance at April's AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) annual Spring National Meet at Oley PA, to shoot this awesome JAP powered speedway bike, as it was being shot rather "officially" by the AMCA photographer. I asked his permission to shoot over his shoulder and he was quite nice about letting do so. His hand and camera appear in one of the photos here, actually- oops, my bad. Shot with my Hasselblad 500cm, probably the 80mm Planar lens on Fuji Acros 100 film- the original not the Acros II.






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