Film Camera Week for December 29

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  1. Greetings all. Hope everyone is doing well. Time for our new thread. As many photos as you like from your film camera. I'll start with some from a roll of Ilford FP4+ that I developed and scanned earlier this week.
    Outside dining area, Rollei B35

    Local coffee house during week before Christmas, Rollei B35

    More coffee, Rollei B35

    construction, B35
  2. The light makes the picture. F6, Zeiss Milvus 50mm f1.4, medium yellow filter,

    2017 ab&w 26 8-30.jpg
  3. New neighborhood dog to join me on walks. F6, Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, 400TX. 2017 ab&w 26 16-22.jpg
  4. Lake on a winter day. F6, Zeiss 25mm f2, yellow filter, 400TX. 2017 ab@w 26 19-19.jpg
  5. Long shadows. F6 Milvus 1.4/50, yellow filter, 400TX. 2017 ab&w 26 26-12.jpg
  6. What lake is that, James?
    BTW, it is about 1 mile from turning on to Churchill Road to the entrance to the Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway. Even though it's for walking, I sometimes ride my bicycle on it (remembering to yield to pedestrians). So if you're walking the parkway and see a cyclist with a camera, it's probably me.
  7. The lake is our community lake that I pay to support and gain access. I have posted pictures of it before but each is different because the light, clouds, and environment are always changing. I look forward to walking on the Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway. I enjoy your pictures of the local area. The forum has me looking for images close to home.
  8. Thanks. That is a beautiful lake.
  9. From Marjaniemi, Helsinki. Canon Canonet QL17, Hp5+. Ilfotec DD img297.jpg img293.jpg img295.jpg img308.jpg
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  10. Sorry for above double images, I'm new to this. Perhaps to moderator can remove extra images.
  11. 2017-11_trix400_ql17_0027 1.jpg

    From a not-to-recent roll ... Canonet QL17 with Tri-X in Rodinal 1:50


    Testshot for a Werra 3 - Kodak Colorplus in Rodinal 1:50 (with no effort to clean dust etc.)
  12. Hard to tell I like sailing craft ! Zorki-4/Jupiter-8, Kentmere400, PyrocatMC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k17-122-015 ces5 bc.jpg
  13. A great start to this week's thread! I'm just home from a week away on one of our offshore islands, having had very little contact with computers or cameras. However, I did manage to shoot a roll of Fuji Superia 200 using the trusty Praktica BX20 with a 35-70mm Pentacon Prakticar f/3.5-4.5 lens, and I'll post a few samples below. Scans from a Fuji Frontier.

    Low Tide 002

    Low Tide 002 copy.jpg

    Low Tide 001

    Low Tide 001 copy.jpg

    Low Tide 003

    Low Tide 003 copy.jpg

    Low Tide 004

    Low Tide 004 copy.jpg

    Low Tide 005

    Low Tide 005 copy.jpg

  14. A few frames from a Voigtlander Vito B. These were taken a few years back The film was most likely Kodak Ektar 100.


    More Jaguars

    34.jpg Ford SV V8

    3 wheeler
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  15. 79540003 - Copy (3) - Copy.jpg last 2 shots from Oct. (rolleicord v)
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  16. I'm also having problems posting too sometimes; and Welcome to Pnet, Anttikarhunmaki ...

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