Film Camera Week for December 18

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  1. 2 more from the same Wildwood, NJ series, same gear, same film
    Boardwalk Pizza


    Mack's Desaturated


    Harbor Inn, & story time- my 2nd summer out of high school a bunch of us went to Wildwood to live for the summer. Serious, professional level debauchery reigned- and boy what fun it was. Drinking age was 18yo at the time and the old Harbor Inn was a sort of down low honky tonk place we'd frequent. Looks like it's seen better days now (pic taken in November 2020)- judging only by the looks of the sign!

  2. Nostalgic photo m42dave. If you replace the car at the back with a retro car, it would look like a photo taken in the 1950's Mercury, You would think that the picture is era correct. :)
  3. HI guys, hey I need to make a correction here: This film was actually Kodak Ultramax 400 which I picked up from a Walgreens or Rite Aid, in a bit of a pinch. I took a weekend at the beach with a buddy of mine- and took a camera along- BUT FORGOT to take any film. Popped into a national chain drug store, figuring they'd have something, anything and sure enough. I honestly wasn't expecting a lot from this "accidental" film- but after studying on it for some days, I decided that I really am quite pleased with how the photos came out! I'll post someone pix at some point. Meanwhile Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    I've taken some nice improv photos on UltraMax 400. Not the best film, but OK. Sometimes with my muscles with no off switch (Cerebral Palsy and athetosis does this often). The extra ISO does wonders and increases my odds of good photos. Shutter speeds for me matter highly. We make what we have work when a picture flashes in front of us.
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