Film Camera Week for August 6

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  1. A note: My photography tagline is "The Spastic Image". The late, great Dean Stone of Maryville-Alcoa Daily Times fame gave me that tagline. As I deal with Cerebral Palsy, and muscles with a mind of their own. He told me, this reflects the obstacles you must overcome, to get steady enough to get an image which satisfies you. I use improvised obstacles, and a zen like approach to harnessing my legs to be quiet enough to get a photo. Sometimes, I get lucky and get what I want.
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  2. Tomato season is here ! My dehydrator is working overtime with a vision of all that is good in the early months of Dec & Jan. Fed-3 / Jupiter-8, Astrum 200 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V800 scan. Enjoy, Bill 2k21-033-024 ces13 cr bm.jpg
  3. I missed a week
    Canon AF35J Retropan 320
  4. DL-001_Vogelhuisjes.jpg DL-002_Boomstammetjes.jpg
    Fuji DL100 Kodak Double X 200
  5. Hello
    Here are a couple more these from the Brownie Six-16 using expired Delta 100 in HC110 B
    A bit under in the shadows which I expected
    Other than that pretty good for what it is.


    The Willo Saloon.jpg

    Bear Flag.jpg


    The Willo Steak House.jpg

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