Film Camera Week for August 6

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  1. Greetings,all, and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I did not scan any new film this week so I've got one or two left from earlier scans that I did not post plus a few from my archives that may or may not have been posted before. I hope over the next day or so to scan the roll of Pan F+ that I shot in my XA,
    stormy skies over the highway, Konica Auto S2, Plus-X
    loaded tea, Minolta SRT 101 with MD 35-70 f 3.5, Fomapan 400
    used to be a restaurant, Nikon FE2 with Tamron 35-70 f 3.5, Fomapan 200
    window, Yashica FX3 Super 2000, Phoenix 100 mm f 3.5 Macro, Ilford FP4+
    Swalm Engineering at Mississippi State University, Minolta SRT 102 with Ilford HP5+
    One more.
    trees, Olympus XA, Rolleipan 25
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Some from a Nikon F100 with a 28-80mm Nikkor f/3.5-5.6D lens. The film was Kentmere100 developed in PMK Pyro.


    Capped copy.jpg

    We Got Gas

    We Got Gas.jpg

    Archetypal New Zealand

    Archetypal NZ copy.jpg

    Second Life

    Second Life.jpg




    Softly copy.jpg

  3. From Holly Hill on the Natchez Trace. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 50/1.8 ais lens, Tiffen #12 yellow filter, Kodak 400 TX or Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 8 1ap.jpg
  4. Pearl River at River Bend on Natchez Trace. Nikon FM2n, Nokkor 50/1.8 ais, #12, Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 8 3ap.jpg
  5. UPS truck. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 35/1.4 ais, #12, Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 8 4ap.jpg
  6. A 2021 ab&w 8 5ap.jpg good place to eat. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 35/1.4, #12, Tri-X.
  7. Medical buildings in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 35/1.4, #12, Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 8 6ap.jpg
  8. Allentown Dirt Drags, Allentown Fairgrounds July 4. I did take a lot of stuff up there for this- and ended up spoiling a whole roll of 120 film out onto the ground! A buddy I was shooting with gave me a roll of 35mm film, I think it was FP4 andI think this is what these photos were taken on. Camera was my Practice LTL with the 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens.







  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Kiev-19, MC Helios-81 50/2, Ektar 100.

    La Puerta del Sol, Kiev-19 MC Helios-81 50 f2.jpg

  10. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  11. Hello
    A few from the Kodak Bullseye I found at a yardsale for five bucks, had to clean the lenses, which was very easy.
    I checked a couple of Youtubes and one used 400 film and the shots were over exposed so I tried Delta 100 and in the sunlight they came out pretty good but in the shade a bit under. I had to roll some 120 on a 126 spool which was easier than I thought but cramped up my hand a bit trying to keep everything tight.

    This was just a fun little experiment and the camera will probably sit on a shelf, or get sold at my yardsale?

    So here are a couple



    Pine tree.jpg

    TNT box.jpg

    Oak tree.jpg
  12. Just developed a roll from back in April. Expired Velvia 100 with a Pentax 67ii, straight scanned with V700. I noticed I am having some problems focusing with the beast.

    Austin 4.15-11.jpg

    Austin 4.15-15.jpg

    Austin 4.15-12.jpg

    Austin 4.15-14.jpg

    Austin 4.15-13.jpg
  13. 029CMC Escultura Amor Amantes y St Paul- CanonFL55.jpg

    031CMC Mendigo Maletas Descansando Banco Parque Siesta-CanonFL55.jpg

    036CMC Ruina CasaDestruída Terrorismo-CanonF1-CanonFL55.jpg

    035CMC Dos Carritos-PetticoatLane CanonFL55.jpg
    The four with Canon F-1. Canon FL 55. Tri-X 400. D-76 (straight) 6' 30" at 24ºC​
  14. We're off to a really great start on our weekly thread. I hope everyone here had a good week and will have a nice relaxing weekend. I have three rolls of C41 color (Fuji Superia 200) at Dwaynes for processing and scanning so I hope to post from them in a couple of weeks. I think I had one roll in my Olympus XA and Rollei B35. I don't remember what the third roll was in, but likely one of my SLRs. I've thought about getting another C41 kit like I did several years back but I didn't use the kit to its capacity and sending it out for develop and scan is very convenient. My school year started Wednesday so I have less darkroom time so the C41 work might have to wait until Christmas holidays.
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  15. Mike, I have a roll of C41 (Fuji Superia 400) at the lab for processing and scanning. It's at F32 Photo in Knoxville. Maiden roll on a new to me Fed 5B with Industar 50 2.8. And action instead of landscapes, to shake things up. Had fun. Went climbing in a Wellman Harness in the gym.
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  16. The Fuji Superia 400 is another good color negative film. It's actually easier to find locally than the ISO 200 version is now. I've also found the ISO 800 to be surprisingly good. It has enough latitude to handle a wide variety of situations without showing excessive grain. My last roll was shot in a Yashica Lynx 14E a few years ago.
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  17. I got out yesterday afternoon and managed to finish a roll of Arista EDU Ultra 100 in a Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 7 before the rain returned. It's still raining 24 hours later... Here are a few samples; the lens was the Minolta 24-105mm f/3.5-4.5 D and the film was developed in PMK Pyro.


    Espaliered copy.jpg



    Totally Abstract



    Welcome copy.jpg



  18. A shot from a film I would use more often if it were available locally: Fuji Superia 800. This shot is from 1997 and scanned from a print. Camera was Minolta X-700 with MD 100mm f 2.5. Wide open with time exposure of several minute. To avoid star trails I clamped the rig to my clock driven Celestron 90.
    Comet Hale-Bopp
  19. Post Super Derecho
    Praktina FX, Biotar 58mm f/2, India-made Fuji film
  20. A few from a roll in the Autocord, with new seals. FP4+. All are in Montevideo, Uruguay taking advantage of a rare warm and sunny day in the Southern winter.




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