Film Camera Week for August 4

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  1. Back in 67 I went into the Army and did Basic Training at Fort Ord. The Fort is now a college and residential and I do not know what else but I stopped today and took a few shots of the old falling down barracks. This is just across the street from REI. Not the exact barracks I lived in. I do not even remember where they were actually at or if they are still standing. I will post a couple pics. I did not trespass to get the photos as the area is open.

    120 Tri-X with ID11 1:1 for 11 min.

    Army Barracks web.jpg
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  2. More Barracks and my car in front. I did not stay very long and just took some quick snapshots.

    Fort Ord web.jpg
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  3. Hello everyone. I did my "Basic" @ Ord also, in late 63 and the barracks were dank & cold with the Monterey Bay fog, but got to move onto "The Hill" where "new" multi story buildings awaited. Still "Basic". Glad to see some trees are reclaiming the grounds. . the place was barren then. Bill
  4. Hello Bill
    I used this stuff to paint the curtain, someone on this or another board mentioned it and it worked well, we will seed how long it lasts.
    I do have another Fed2 coming from the person you told me about.
    I used 4ml of each and 400ml water, I will up my time on the next roll.
  5. Actually I did basic in the newer buildings also. When my daughter graduated from USMB I drove around some and found the multi story buildings but could not remember exactly which one I was in. At this point I do not know if those buildings are around or not. I did stay in the old wooden barracks at other Forts later on. They were cold as you mentioned.
  6. One more shot. These old boys are not looking good these days.

    The Barracks looking old.jpg
  7. Wow! Amazing detail!
  8. Hello again. I spent Tuesday-Friday of last week at the IKF Grand Nationals of Kart Racing, held at "The Ridge" raceway in Shelton, Wa. Wonderful track, a lot like Laguna Seca, Calif. . which is .just around the corner from Fort Ord ! Being an X racer myself (see the avatar), a great time was had. I am somewhat "shocked" to find my fresh (2020) stock of 135-36 EDU400 turning into golf-ball grained shots, even in my OA. Two rolls now & 6 more to develop/scan. WTF????
    Anyone using the EDU material noticing any sudden changes in your negs? Bill KT1000 / 200mm SMC, EDU400 @ 250, OA & V800 scan
    2k17-081-009 ces13 bc 4x6.jpg
  9. Thanks for your comment!
    Flickr added sharpening on this scaled-down version of the original scan, but the Werra's lens, a Tessar 50/2.8, is for sure able to deliver good detail to a "sharp"-film like Kodak Tmax 100.
    The shot is very slightly blurred due to camera-shake, this was shot on the north-side of a church in my neighborhood, heavy shadows wouldn't allow more than (from my memory) about 1/15sec at circa f/4.
  10. 2k17-081-036 ces23 bc 4x6.jpg

    He got'em in 2 Laps !
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  11. Finally tried my hand at stand developing this evening. I shot a roll of Rolleipan 25 and souped in in Rodinal 1:100 for one hour. Probably use some scans from it to start the next weekly thread, Just holding up the strip of negatives in the darkroom they look good.
  12. More than a bit late, but nearly all weekend recently were rainy, only finally sunday the weather was nice enough. Of course, to find monday that the Perceptol I wanted to finished was brown.... so, Delta 100 in HC110 dil. H.
    Leica R6, Summicron-R 35mm, orange filter

  13. Same camera, film, developer - lens a Elmar-R 180mm, no filter. 2017-08_delta100_r6_0018.jpg
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  14. On my phone, on the bus to work, it looks amazing :)
  15. Late but not too late


    Himatic 7S AGFA Vista 400

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