Film Camera Week for August 24

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. That's gorgeous!
  2. Being a History and Film camera fan, I really appreciate your postings here Rick.
  3. Thanks,
    Still got 4 more frames to develop and scan, as well as the rolls I shot with the Werra and Kodak No.2 folding pocket.
  4. Adding a few to this week's thread: a departure from my usual classic gear- a more modern Nikon Lite Touch. This little unassuming P&S seems to have modest specs at first, but has a sharp 28mm f 3.5 triplet and ample focus zones. DX coding is only ISO 100 to 400 and maximum shutter speed is 1/250 second. With lens retracted it's thinner than an XA. A few shots from a roll of Kentmere 100.
    Church exterior- east wall
    window detail
    when only fast food will do
    Another cool feature on this tiny camera is infinity lock. Several much pricier fixed focal length P&S cameras I have lack that feature.
    Part of All Saints Episcopal Church in Grenada
    A friend of mine who was a Canon enthusiast passed away recently and they held his service at this church.
    Grenada has a lot to offer photographers so I plan to go back soon.
    Okay, low light is not the best way to see how this camera performs so last Sunday (while my turn to run sound board) I steadied the camera on the back of my chair and took this photo. Maybe a little motion and missed the mark a bit on focus. At close range P&S cameras have sensor parallax and true to form this one had some.
    CD equipment
  5. Although our new thread begins in only a few hours, I thought I'd add a couple of color shots from 1987, shot one whatever Ektachrome was designated as EN.
    Mid 80's LED's, Minolta SRT 201 with Vivitar 70-150 at close focus setting
    tiny worm in pond water magnified 50X with microscope, also some algae is present

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