Film Camera Week for August 24

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  1. Nikon F3, Samyang 135 f2, UltraMax 400

  2. Hello, Janis. Welcome back! ;)
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  3. No classic camera results this week, but here are a couple I took using a classic lens, the Tamron 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 Adaptall-2. It's currently residing on my Canon 6D, which is what I used to take these.

    Just an office building, but I love the graphic effect. Unfortunately, the light was flat, today, after being excellent yesterday, when I didn't have my camera with me. (I know, I know)

    Crepuscular Rays - I so rarely get to use that word. Exposed for the sky, obviously. The house is for lease, if anyone is thinking of moving here.
  4. Two shop doors on the wharf in Nantucket Harbor. Leica IIIc, Summitar, Ektar 100.

    Wharf (F-2018-8-CN-040-23).jpg

    Wharf (F-2018-8-CN-040-22).jpg
  5. Who be Janis?
  6. Janis Joplin, the most famous person to ever dress like that, and the person this girl is, perhaps without realizing it, emulating. It's especially the glasses, but also the attitude.
  7. Got it!
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  8. Rough weather has kept me indoors for a couple of days but I've managed to make something of an inroad into a pile of colour negatives that have been awaiting scanning for some months. Here are a few samples.

    First, three images from a Cambo Wide camera, using a Sinar 6x12 cm rollfilm back loaded with Kodak Portra 160 NC. The lens was a 65mm Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon f/5.6.

    Storm Morning

    StormMorning Pnet.jpg

    Winter at the Lagoon

    Winter Morbing Pnet.jpg

    The Sandhills : Late Afternoon

    The Sandhills Late Afternoon cPnet.jpg

    Here's an image from a Pentax 6x7 fitted with the 35mm SMC Takumar 6x7 f/4.5 lens. Portra 160NC again.

    Don't Go There at Night

    Dont Go There at Night Pnet.jpg

    Here's a portrait taken with a Nikon FE and the 105mm Nikkor f/2.5 lens. The film was Fuji Superia 200

    Blue Eyes

    Blue Eyes Pnet.jpg

  9. You make me want to take pictures.
  10. Thank you, and I'm very pleased to hear that... I guess I must be doing something right...
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  11. While scanning a roll of slides that just came back, one more from the same series as last week; Canonet QL17, Delta 100 in HC110.

  12. Beautiful work, Rick. I like the 2:1 ratio on the first batch, and the light on the Sand Hills is awesome. My problem is that I don't have the patience to wait for the light, 90% of the time. The little girl is beautiful, and it's a lovely portrait of her.

    You make me want to take photos, too.
  13. That portrait is what got my attention as well.
    It looks completely natural and candid but the quality of lighting, pose, and smile look like that would be impossible.
  14. Great work, everyone. Rick, that portrait is outstanding. I will probably process and scan some Plus-X later today. A while back I found my 90's vintage Nikon Lite Touch (28mm f 3.5 triplet) and look forward to processing that roll. Also got Plus-X in my Olympus XA (taking it to Church with me this morning). Continuing a roll of Plus-X in my Minolta SRT 101 with MD 35-70.
  15. Beautiful portrait. The best I have seen with the 105mm f2.5 Nikkor. You made me want to get out my 105/2.5 Nikkor this week.
  16. Thanks, James, Mike, Moving On and Davecaz, your positive comments are appreciated
  17. [​IMG]

    Aviation Days at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg (NL)
    Kodak (Folmer & Schwing Div.) Speed Graphic with Erkos-Freital 135mm f/4.5 Doppel-Anastigmat "Selar"
    Fomapan 100
  18. Technically not a classic manual camera.... and the bit of electronics that are there worked nicely against me, as for a fair number of frames for some reason it has something like 2 stops dialled in, and since the meter is usually quite accurate, I used my brain too little. Maybe simpler is better.... :) Anyway, the roll of slidefilm didn't like those wildly off exposures; luckily the rest came out just fine.


    Leica R7, Summicron-R 35mm, Agfa Precisa CT100
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