Film Camera Week for August 17

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    That's one of my favorite Star Trek episodes...
  2. Good episode, especially the homemade canon.
  3. Tragic. Just tragic. :(:(

    Actually, I don't think NZ beef gets ground up as much as American, Brazilian, Canadian, or Argentinian beef. It's too 'spensive. At least when I've seen it labeled as such. But, it seems odd that it would bring more money from exporting it than from selling it locally. Beef is not that expensive, here. Mid-grade (Choice) beef rarely goes above $10/lb, and is often on sale for a lot less. Top-grade Prime beef is another story, and that may be where your NZ beef is mostly ending up, if it makes the grade. But, I don't see how all of it could be Prime, when that's a relative term.
  4. A few more to keep things going.
    hydrant in foreground, Minolta SRT 101 with MD 35-70, Plus-X
    parking lot with clouds, SRT SCII, Celtic 35mm f 2.8, Kentmere 100, K2
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  5. The Saturday before Labor Day my town (West Point, Mississippi) puts on the Prairie Arts Festival. A time for vendors from all over, good food, music, and lots of photo opportunities. If within reasonable driving distance it might be worth a visit. I won't be hard to recognize: I'll be carrying at least two classic cameras (likely a Minolta or a Pentax) Some shots from last year's Prairie Arts. Shot with Konica Auto S2 and Plus-X
  6. The Cintagon really isn't that bad, though at wider apertures you do get some distortion in the corners


  7. Funny, I've always liked the design of the Werra, and I've finally picked one up last Sunday at the Fotograpfica Fair in Doesburg. Loaded it with Double-X today.

  8. What size shot?
  9. James Bryant said:
    6cm x 7cm on 120 rollfilm
  10. That sounds like it would be awesome, but too far for me. I'll just have to wait for the pics.
    These may not suit some pixel peepers, due to the soft corners, but they're really quite good.
    Well, if you like uncluttered top plates, that's your camera!
  11. I do like a cluttered top plate as well, here's the Argus C-44 I shot the images above with


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  12. Soooo much nicer looking than the brick! Nice results, too.

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