Film Camera Week for August 11

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. A few more.
    Ready to ride, Minolta SRT 101, MD 35-70 f3.5, Fuji Superia 200 souped at home in C41 kit

    Bike is not a true classic, it just has a classic look. Rather like a modern camera that has a retro look.

    Wide view of snow from a few years back, Plus-X, with an 18 to something zoom, don't remember the camera

    One more. I hope to develop and scan some more recent photos over the weekend. upload_2017-8-12_7-45-4.jpeg
    Live music, Fuji GS645S with APX 100
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  2. frond_smaller_still.jpg

    Nikon FE, 50mm 1.8 AF, Kodak ColorPlus 200


    Nikon FE, 28mm 2.8 Ais, Kodak ColorPlus 200
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  3. Mike, well done! For fine-grained films Rodinal Stand cannot be beat.
  4. Thanks, Tony. Still have a few more rolls of the Rolleipan so I will try some more stand developing. I have a one roll of TMAX 100: I wonder how it would do with stand developing.
  5. Ages ago during my kayaking hayday, a rumor floated around the Seattle crowd that someone had put an American Croc/Salty hybrid in the waters of Vancouver Island to control the Canadian Geese. . Rumor confirmed by Tony ! Look at that "GMO" beast on the roof ! Is the part about "her" biting the Minister of Interior on the butt before being dispatched by a Mountie true ??
    Nice find Rick. Wish I had those flower bowl protectors for the cats & chickens rummaging about. Oh, my Panchro 400 is 135-36 & will run it thru the Zorki/Jupiter this week. Bill
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  6. Bill,
    That story sounds a bit Presidential.
    Anyway, if you would like to try the J-12 for while, I am happy to send you mine (and Finder). I am currently trying to get back to some MF. Send me a PM.
    Cheers, Tony.
  7. PM sent Tony.
  8. Hello
    Here are a few I just got scanned from the Rollei 35S with TMax 100 developed in HC110 Dil H
    Some of these came good and others not so much, I missed the focus on some.
    Rollei 35s Tmax 100 HC110 Dil H tees.jpg
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    Missed focus
    Rollei 35s Tmax 100 HC110 Dil H out of focus.jpg
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    Tree flower
    Rollei 35s Tmax 100 HC110 Dil H flower tree.jpg
  11. last one for tonight
    Rollei 35s Tmax 100 HC110 Dil H Dodge.jpg
  12. the Flower theatre opened early 1950 and ceased showing films in 1995-96'. Seated over 900. Located near Silver Springs, Maryland. Currently a community church. (Ricoh 500/ Ektar 57490009 - Copy.JPG
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  13. (tourist 620 hp5) Untitled-Scanned-an2 - Copy (2).JPG
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  14. FacesofPasschendaele.jpg

    From an upcoming series of portraits taken at the Passchendaele Centenary

    Kodak (Folmer&Schwing Div) Auto Graflex 4x5, Ross Xpress 7-1/4" f/4.5, Fomapan 100
  15. Himatic_087_Kleurig gebouw.jpg

    Himatic 7S AGFA Vista 400
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  16. A few from a modern film camera: the Maxxum 8000i with Maxxum 35-70 f 4. Film was Eastman 5222.
    Hazy summer morning

    Mugs using the close focus setting, tripod

    One more.
    window decal, cropped
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  17. Only two pages for this week, hurry back rossb.
    Here are a few I shot yesterday afternoon and developed tonight.
    Fed2 with the Industar 22 collapsible lens Kentmere 100 from bulk and developed in Pyrocat HD 14 mins 1-1-100
    I like the way this Pyro is working, really helps the Kentmere grain.
    I still have an issue with appears to be a flair either center top or right upper, do any of you have issues with flair on these cameras, I tried a different lens this time but same as the other lens.

    Do they make a push on shade for these lenses?

    first one stone bench with "flair" in center top
    Fed2 Industar 22 402 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD bench flair.jpg
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    This one flair upper right
    Fed2 Industar 22 402 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD water stand.jpg

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