Film Camera Week for April 9

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  1. During the mid to late 1970's a popular Minolta kit we sold consisted of an SRT 200, 50mm f 2 (later the 45mm), Celtic MC (later MD) 135mm f 3.5, Electroflash 25, and camera bag. One of our sales was to the local school's vocational program. During my oldest son's senior year in high school (2010) the school gave him the outfit. So I feel like this outfit "returned home".
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  2. Mike Gammill said:
    Some very nice samples there, Mike. Perhaps we should consider a "135mms I have loved" thread! My favourite is the big 135mm Sigmatel Scalematic f/1.8, a rather rare lens these days.

    Sigmatel copy.jpg
    Here are a few samples that may have appeared on this forum in the past.

    Lucas Flowers copy.jpg

    Jeep copy.jpg

    Droplets copy.jpg
  3. Great series, Rick. That is one awesome lens. I remember Minolta offered a 135mm f 2 at one time. On the used market they are selling for well over 1000 USD so not in my budget.
    I think I'll probably take some images with my Tamron Adaptall 135mm f 2.5 SP. I believe it has close focus capability,
  4. Espio_0042_Grachtsteen.jpg Espio_0048_RCE.jpg
    Don't know what happened here
    Espio_0025_Laatste foto van de rol.jpg
    Pentax Espio AF Zoom Kodak color 200

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