Film Camera Week for April 6

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  1. Untitled-4-copy.jpg

    The Omni Hotel. Nikon F100. 28-70 3.5 4.6 on Foma 200 stand developed in Tmax for 45minutes.


    Harley. Same info as above


    Mural in the Alley. Again same info.
  2. A closer view of the abandoned car in the woods from last week. I wasn't to resize since my netbook doesn't have any image editing capability. I think the focal length was a bit too long, but I should have another with the 135mm f2.8 Celtic over the weekend. I think it is better suited for the distance.
    old car again, Minolta XE with Tamron Adaptall 200mm f3.5 Ilford HP5+
  3. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere 100, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k18-027-032 ces5 bc 4x6.jpg
  4. Still no sign of real spring here. Just weeks of cloudy rain and dull light. However, finally got out to finish a roll of FP4+ which has been sitting in the Contax RTSII for a month or so. Results very drab, as expected. Here are a couple of the least offensive. CZJp Distagon 35/2.8 dev. in Rodinal (1+100) 1 Hour Semi-Stand. Wet-scanned on BSH/V700.

    March18CNTX35FP4at80Rod4in4001HRInvat15 30 45min (4).jpg

    March18CNTX35FP4at80Rod4in4001HRInvat15 30 45min.jpg
    BEACH LOG 2.

  5. A few images involving the Topcon Unirex leaf shutter "Wink Mirror" SLR. The colour ones were shot using the standard 50mm UV Topcor f/2 lens, and the B&W using the 135mm UV Topcor f/4. Colour film was Fuji Superia 200, while the monochrome was Kentmere 100 developed in ID11. All scans from an Epson V700 Photo using Silverfast SE software.

    Topcon Unirex

    Topcon Unirex copy.jpg

    Abandoned School

    Abandoned School copy.jpg

    The Pet

    The Pet.jpg



  6. 2k18-027-027 ces5 bc 4x6.jpg Several more from last Sunday's trip thru the Market. Same data as the picture above. Aloha, Bill
  7. 2k18-027-047 ces10 bc 4x6.jpg Good source of Vit C !
  8. After a long hiatus from this site, I am back :). Great to see all the familiar names, and a few new ones, with a range of wonderful images!
    Here are a few from a Robot Royal mod III and Fuji C200 film.



  9. Good to see you back! I've missed your graphic style.
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  10. Thank you, Rick!
  11. Until I scan some more recent film a few from my archives.
    not sure which beach now, but remember it was my Konica Auto S2 with Kodacolor II, around 1975 or 75

    Dad editing super movies, Konica Auto S2. Sunpak 311, likely Kodacolor II, late 70's
    neighborhood girls posing by my 1969 Mustang, Konica Auto S2. Kodacolor II, probably around 1976
    reading a card, Minolta XE-5 with 50mm f1.7 Rokkor-X. High Speed Ektachrome rated at 400, home processed in Unicolor kit
    Mom and younger brother, Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL, 55mm f1.4, Kodachrome II, about 1974
  12. Ignore this
  13. Thought some of those I posted looked better converted to BW B5AA4F87-8850-411C-8B39-EE122C2E8078.jpeg 97C16374-872A-4EAC-B32D-E78CF277C614.jpeg F3F7759C-96E9-486E-A27E-B5083D2A744B.jpeg
  14. As soon as I saw the Mustang I knew it was yours
  15. Classic3.jpg Classic 2.jpg classic 1.jpg Trip Down Eleven Point River Pentax ME Super Fuji Velvia
  16. 70's color....That picture of your Dad with the Super 8 brings back tons of memories. I have boxes of those little white and blue reels of film. Dad used to have a reel to reel hand crank splicer with a lighted viewer. Fascinated me as a kid.
  17. Yes, Donald. It was my first car that I owned. I bought it from a local guy for $950 (mostly saved from mowing yards). Yes, my 2012 is faster, more economical, handles better and brakes better, but it'd still be fun to have both.
    Moving on- we were big movie makers. After video became more affordable my dad would transfer home movies to VHS. I still have all his old Super 8 and regular 8 movies, most of them spliced onto 200' and 400' reels. My favorite movie camera was a Yashica that could do dissolves.
  18. A recent photo with my Mamiya 645e and Ektar. Film was lab processed and scanned on my V600. Old Pinnacles Trail at Pinnacles National Park.

    Old Pinn web-1.jpg
  19. Donald,
    I agree. Well done.
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  20. image.jpg
    My father insisted on having a Kodak 16 mm camera but never purchased a projector so we would crowd around a film so,ice and hand crank it. It loaded with a film cartridge. I still have it but do not know what to do with it. I had a 2005 Mustang gt but realized there was no place to really enjoy it so I got a more pedestrian car
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