Film Camera Week for April 6

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  1. Welcome everyone to our new thread. For anyone new, post as many photos as you like from your film camera. I'll start with some shots from a roll of Kentmere 100 that I processed and scanned earlier in the week. I used HC110 dilution H.
    a quiet Saturday on MSU campus, Minolta XE with Minolta 35-135 MD
    sidewalk with personalized bricks, same gear as first photo
    Next photo I had accidentally left shutter at X so I got 1/90 second rather than the automatically selected speed so a bit overexposed.
    owners of a "brick"
    empty stadium

    Later in weekend I should have some scans from a roll of HP5+ that I finished this week. I look forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Nikon FE, Nikkor-N.C 24mm f/2.8, PK-11A extension tube, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/250 f/2.8:


    Nikon FE, Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/250 f/2.5:


    Nikon FE, Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/500 f/2.5:


    Stanley 102 block plane. Nikon FE, Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5, PK-12 extension ring, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/15 f/6.7:


    Stanley 102 block plane. Nikon FE, Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5, PK-12 extension ring, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/500 f/4:


    Nikon FE, Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5, Kodak ColorPlus 200, 1/250 f/2.5:

  3. I haven't had the time to develop the roll of Rollei Superpan 200 and Double X I shot over Easter. And this upcoming weekend I'll be stuck in a 'bomb crater' somewhere. With luck I'll shoot some Fomapan 100 with my No.2 Folding Pocket Kodak.

    In the meantime......Duckfaces

    Leica IIIc with 5cm f/2 Summitar
  4. I have some pictures from the same location on campus that I took last month that I probably will post next week. This week it will be from a different location on campus.
  5. Rainy day. FM2n, Zeiss 25mm f2, yellow filter. FP4+. 2018 ab&w 4 6.jpg
  6. Allen Hall, Mississippi State University. FM2n, Milvus 50mm f1.4, medium yellow filter, FP4+. 2018 ab&w 4 11.jpg 2018 ab&w 4 11.jpg
  7. Statute MSU. FM2n, Milvus 50/1.4, medium yellow, FP4+.
  8. Here is the picture. 2018 ab&w 4 12.jpg
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  9. 2018 ab&w 4 14.jpg Hand Lab MSU. FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 50/1.4, medium yellow filter, FP4+.
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  10. @james- always nice to see campus images. When I was an undergraduate Allen Hall had the reputation of the highest energy usage of any campus building. Don't know if that's true today. I think I have an image somewhere of my youngest son sitting by the statue. I'll have to look for it. Spring band concert this Sunday in Lee Hall so I might take a few images while I'm on campus.
  11. 2018 ab&w 4 19.jpg Pole and clouds. FM2n, Nikkor 105mm f2.5, medium yellow filter, FP4+.
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  12. Himatic_172_Old timer.jpg

    Himatic 7S Berrger Pancro 400
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  13. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Two more from the FED 50, Agfa APX 100, medium yellow filter.

    Bare Trees, FED 50.jpg

    Bare Trees
  14. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Sandias, FED 50.jpg

    Late Evening
  15. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    And one more from the Agat 18k, Fujicolor 200.

    Poco Apoco, Agat 18k.jpg

    Poco Apoco
  16. Temple of Hera - Olympia

    Kodachrome 25​
  17. fujicacompactdeluxe014.jpg
    Camera: Fujica Compact Deluxe
    Film: Kodak 200
  18. Here are a few from an early-morning walk around town, excercising a Hasselbladski, the Kiev 88CM. The lenses were either the standard 80mm Volna 3 f/2.8, or a 50mm CZJ Flektogon f/4, and the film was Arista EDU Ultra 100 developed in PMK Pyro.

    Artisan Iron (Flektogon)

    Artisan Iron.jpg

    Early Morning Gasoline (Flektogon)

    Morning Gasoline.jpg

    Cruciform (Volna)


    At Pinnochio (Volna)

    At Pinnochio.jpg

    Meet the Grocer (Flektogon)

    Meet the Grocer.jpg

    Handle (Volna)


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  19. 3BDDB415-03F9-4A93-B448-2006F24364AC.jpeg 92BAFEA5-533D-4A2F-8F03-5EDED12F1D85.jpeg 7B8B00CB-8641-412E-9731-2056D5B13B4B.jpeg 0411EB98-DB65-46E7-B213-6E3DAE694CD3.jpeg 52F600B8-ED26-4605-9984-509CDEB7B895.jpeg 70CB6DF1-CBF3-48E6-953D-4E2E9E01167E.jpeg FE0E2A6D-8A2C-47B3-B404-8678630C4AD2.jpeg F1AF7AF0-CBE0-42DD-A47D-51BEE1DDE663.jpeg 590BC40E-242F-45B6-B623-068C3A603E84.jpeg 403EAA80-13CD-400A-82E1-D4E5C8767DB0.jpeg DBD2A2E6-35BA-43A0-8F49-08A9132B8A30.jpeg What a coincidence speaking of college campuses. Test drove my AE1 with Fuji 800 and a monstrous solo for 80-200 mm lens
    Having been pressed for time and for shooting and developing along with more effort to focus with rangefinders I decided to use a few cameras which are a little more automation and let someone else develope. So I am using up a bunch of Portra 800 and other high asa I have had forever.
  20. Greetings, new here in this thread series! Here are a couple from this past weekend wandering around New York. I was using a Yashica TL-E loaded with the newly reissued P3200TMZ:

    Lens was a 35mm f/2.8 Auto Chinon:


    Same TL-E here, but with long-expired Plus-X and the unique 18mm f/11 Fisheye-Takumar:


    Cheers, Allan

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