Film Camera Week for April 3

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  1. Toyo 45 Field and 120mm lens @f32 on Tmax 100.

    Untitled-1 copy.jpg
  2. Exercising my 1932 Leica II with later 35mm Summaron whist isolating.

    Sheep Trough.jpg

    Cooksbridge 1.jpg
  3. Mamiya C330, Porta160 VC Expired EI80, Unicolor C41.




  4. Nikon F100, variety of lenses, Isles of Scilly, August 2019

    resized IOS 2019 001.jpg

    resized IOS 2019 002.jpg

    Resized IOS 2019 026.jpg
  5. Kiev IIa Jupiter 8 Ilford FP4+
    Kiev Jup-980-SE (Copier).jpg
  6. Oxford, Maryland - (Nikon OneTouch hp5) w7 - Copy.jpg
  7. My first attempt with Pyro HD, at the urging of forum buddy Bill Bowes. Will continue to persevere. Spring, with ME Super, M 50/1.7, HP5+, HD.

    MAR20MESM50HP5320HD13min60sec1permin (7).jpg


    MAR20MESM50HP5320HD13min60sec1permin (3).jpg

  8. Well done, Well done ! Aloha
  9. A great start to the day, I fire up the PC and the power supply blows. Just what I need in the middle of a lockdown! However, I attached the backup drive to a laptop along with a decent monitor, and we're back in business, sort of. Here are four more frames from the "Macro" series I shot inside during the week. The camera was a Canon T70 with a 50mm Canon FD SSC f/1.8 lens and a Vivitar 2x Macro Focusing Teleconverter, and the film was Arista EDU Ultra 200 developed in Pyrocat HD.


    Squirrel Pnet.jpg


    Lowepro Pnet.jpg


    Display Pnet.jpg


    Akai Pnet.jpg

  10. Great images, everyone. If "shelter at home" is limiting your photo opportunities feel free to post some of your older images. Some of our newer members may not have seen the older images.
    Besides close ups, another area for stay at home photography is to mount one of your longer lenses and try to get some bird, squirrel, or other backyard wildlife up close. And the moon, always a good subject, is nearly at its full phase.
    If you have to go out for essential errands, don't forget to bring your camera along,
    Regards, all. And stay safe.
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  11. Himatic_293_Renault 4.jpg
    Minolta Himatic 7S Fuji Superia 200
  12. A few more to keep things going. I found a roll of FP4+ that I shot in my Olympus 35 RC. I had the RC along as back up on some of my outings so there might be some duplicate subject matter.
    water standing on highway 50 near Cedar Bluff, MS
    MSU campus empty except for those playing Pokemon Go.
    another Pokemon hunter, MSU campus

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