Film Camera Week for April 10

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  1. Lovely results with the Patent Etui, Robert.

    I had some bad luck with mine when I ran a roll through it. Sticky shutter and a light leak in the roll film holder.
    I should try it again after a round of servicing. ;)
  2. Photos from this week. Crown Graphic w/135mm and Ilford Delta Elite 100, HC(b). 4.10 Film Scan-1.jpg 4.10 Film Scan-2.jpg
  3. 1932 Leica II + later 35mm Summaron.
    Still isolated near this field, don't think I will run out of trees to photograph.

    Old Oak Tree.jpg
  4. ME Super and -M 35/2.8 on Arista 100 in Pyro HD. A few shots around Sidney trying out RD's recent recommendation for this combo. Very impressed with the tones and beginning to really like HD.. Thank you Rick. Now, could I also borrow you eye.....?

    Untitled (5).jpg

    Untitled (7).jpg

    Untitled (9).jpg


  5. Tony Evans said:
    Excellent results,Tony, pretty much optimal tones, in my opinion. And your eye is at least the quality of mine!
  6. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    That Pyro HD seems to be a truly superlative developer.
  7. When my mother had to move to a managed care facility, I had to move my father's paintings to my home.

    They are now in the "room whose name shall not be mentioned".

    This picture does not show all of them at all.
    Nikkormat EL, Kodacolor
  8. 5735829C-46F1-4D7B-AAE5-21C2DF7E9D9B.jpeg
    Canon 100mm f3.5 LTM on Leica IIIf; Kodak Gold @ EI 400.
  9. We're off to a good start. A few more.
    Officers' Lake, Olympus XA, Rolleipan 25
    soon to be fast food restaurant, Highway 45 Alt. West Point, Minolta HiMatic 7S, Kentmere 100
    West Point house, Olympus 35 RC, K-2 filter
  10. Being off work for the nonce I've been busy out walking the neighbourhood, keeping way from my fellow humans and exercising legs and cameras. First off a few shot with Leicaflex SL-2/50 f2 Summicron/HP5
    You've seen this car before, but it keeps changing.
    [​IMG]HP5 SL2 037 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
    Detroit in fog from a foreign land
    [​IMG]HP5 SL2 033 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
    [​IMG]HP5 SL2 027 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  11. Canon 7/Serenar 50 f1.8/Kentmere 100 - Seeing this lost glove was strangely moving. It must be the times.
    [​IMG]K100 7 029 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  12. I finally got the service done on my Pentax LX and ran a roll through. Lovely camera and lenses. 50 f1.2 @ 1.2
    [​IMG]D100 LX 037 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
    The f1.2 is almost like getting two lenses in one. You get this amazing wild bokeh and low light ability and an incredibly sharp 50 in the average working apertures.
    [​IMG]D100 LX 019 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
    The M 135 f3.5 is tiny and really nice.
    [​IMG]D100 LX 015 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
    [​IMG]D100 LX 034 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  13. Here are some from roll of Ilford Delta 400. I've never been very enthusiastic about this film with it's mushy grain structure, but I was given a couple of sample rolls and trialed one in Pyrocat HD, a combination of film and developed I've not used before. I'm quite impressed by the tonal quality and the "clean" look of the images, and the way the film handled some fairly extreme lighting situations. The camera was a Miniolta X-700 with a Minolta MD 35-70mm f/3.5 lens.



    Phil and Rhonda's

    Phil and Rhondas.jpg





  14. I've shot Delta 100 a few times in both 35mm and 120 and liked it, but haven't tried the 400 as yet. When I do I'll try to recall your experience in terms of developer.
  15. When I did my snowbird jump to Hawaii for 2015-2016, I only had one roll of Delta 400 (120) left from the fire several months earlier. A "rush" restocking of UFX 400 and a mix of "new" Obsidian Aqua (OA) vrs my previous 510-Pyro developer were used for a week long visit with my brother in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. These two pictures were from the wanderings of that visit. Exposed several days apart, both rolls were developed together in a 900ml Nikor tank using 8 ml of OA in the liquid.
    Only when the magnification starts to pass that of 11x11 does one really see the difference in the emulsions with the catechol / pyro staining developer. The Delta wins hands down. The shadow and high lite areas are held very nicely by either emulsion in the OA. 2k20-2k15-061-003ces2 bc x-horz.jpg
    Since 2015 I have used either Delta or Tmax films for those "serious" projects, The UFX materials are available in both 35mm & 120, so that is now part of a new "eternal" stash. Stay safe & Aloha, Bill
  16. A few more for a long weekend. Pentax KX -M 35/2.8 on FP4 in Pyro HD Semistand. Another visit to St. Joseph's 200 year-old edifice.

    Image 1 (3).jpg
    St. JOSEPH'S.

    Image 4 (2).jpg

    Image 4 (4).jpg
    EXIT ?

  17. Since it's a long weekend, here are a few from my own personal classic, the Canon EOS 100 (Elan), the only film camera in my possession that I've owned from new. I bought it in 1993 to use over the long Easter weekend, and since then a sort of ritual has been established, in that I run a film through the old camera each year in Easter week. In all these years it's never faltered, and it would rank as one of the best-designed, most sensibly-featured and most ergonomically perfect cameras I've used. These are landscape images taken during a walk from my place on Good Friday afternoon; the lens was the efficient Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and the film was Ilford HP5 Plus developed in Pyrocat HD.



    Young Oak

    Young Oak.jpg

    @ Sarah's




  18. OOps! For the series above the film was Ilford FP4 Plus, not HP5...

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