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  1. At this point in the experiment is a Canon EOS-1V HS PB-E2 worth $700.00? I still shoot a lot film, but use Nikon N90s and Nikon F5. I recently ran into a Canon EOS-1V HS supposedly in mint condition with 00 rolls used for $699. Do you think this is a good deal as I am ready to transition over to Canon film? Let hear your thoughts. I kind of question the condition, but am aware this camera can be checked for rolls used. I do like the results I get from my Nikon equipment, I just cannot afford to work with two different systems. I started with Canon digital and have been searching for a decent Canon film camera. Maybe I could save some money by going with the Canon EOS 3, which is probably 1/3 the cost of the Canon EOS-1V HS . What are your thoughts?
  2. A search just now on eBay for COMPLETED ITEMS (many not sold)
    More relevant is the number actually SOLD

    and the prices actually paid.

    Your price cited is not outrageous, but it is definitely on the high side.
  3. SCL


    I'm not convinced by your comments why you are considering acquiring Canon film gear when you already have Nikon gear, which you seem satisfied with. You use the word "experiment", so either you have plenty of disposable cash and this is a case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), or you feel comfortable maintaining 2 manufacturer's systems, which produce similar judgements here on my part, as both are fine systems, and the F5 is a terrific body. FWIW I maintain several mfr's competing film systems, but in honesty, they were assembled when pieces became available as true bargains because nobody else wanted them. I wouldn't pay some of today's ridiculously high market prices for those same items. But, of course, that choice is one only you can make.
  4. The photo below was taken with a Nikon N90s w/Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens and Agfa Vista 100 film. The experiment continues.

    A Day At The Beach.jpg
  5. I began my photography experience using a Canon digital camera. As time moved forward I began taking a photography class using film as the medium. That's when the bug really hit, once I could see how the development side worked. So I bought a Pentax K-1000. I liked it but didn't, so I bought a Nikon FM2. I loved the look of the photos, but didn't know if it was me or the equipment. As I got older and my sight was not what it used to be, I gravitated toward autofocus cameras. I bought a Nikon N90s and fell in love. Maybe 5 years later I acquired a Nikon F5. Now during all this time from the beginning I owned Canon digital cameras and lenses. The Canon XTi, Canon 5D, Canon 1D MKIII, and the Canon 7D Mkii. I want to be able to use and interchange lenses between digital and film so having one system is the only way to accomplish this. Unfortunately that means all my Nikon gear will be up for sale once I choose the film camera that best suits my needs/wants. By the way I can afford two systems, but that doesn't make sense to me at this point. Just sharpening my skills and learning more with each opportunity spent making photos.
  6. An EOS 3 is a great camera, with its only real flaw is its somewhat loud shutter sound. A Canon EOS Elan 7 would also be a fine option, and quieter and lighter than the EOS 3. If you have a good collection of EOS FF lenses and want to shoot film along with digital, it would make sense to buy a Canon film body. Unless you are shooting sports, I don't see the need for a 1v HS, unless you want to run through a roll of film in about 3 or 4 seconds. It would seem that the 1DIII would be better solution for any fast frame applications.
  7. As a Nikon guy I think the F5 is a better camera but I know that the Canon EOS-1VHS is worth more money on the used market. So I do think if someone trying to sell such a camera they can sell it for that price.
  8. I am always questioning the wisdom of changing systems, because there is really nothing you can do with Nikon that you can't do with Canon and vice versa. But if the OP has a Canon EOS system for digital and a Nikon system for film, it would seem to make sense to buy a Canon EOS film camera to consolidate on one system. It would save not only owning two sets of lenses, but also having to lug around them around!
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  9. Like you I shoot film with Nikon bodies, the F100 and F5. About 5 years ago I got curious about the Canon offerings so I picked up an EOS-1N and EOS Elan 7e and a few inexpensive lenses. I enjoy shooting both systems. I also use and love Nikon and Canon digital SLR bodies. For a lot less money why don't you consider the 1N or 7e with the cool eye control focus. Love your photograph, you nailed the exposure and love the composition.
  10. Concerning the photo, when I got it back from the lab I was stunned. I always thought film to not be as defined as digital. Then I went back to see what film it was that I used and found it to be Agfa Vista 100. This is just run of the mill, off the shelf, general purpose film. If that is the case, could the photos I produce improve with a better quality film? The experiment continues.
  11. Different films are... different. Mostly in terms of color reproduction/saturation/etc, but then things like UV filters matter again when going back to film.. ...switching film brands / types can have a greater impact on your output than switching camera brands. You should definitely continue the experiment.

    My Elan 7e was probably my favorite 35mm film camera ever. Light, and w/ ECF, it's still a great film camera. Personally, dropping $700 on a 1V HS seems somewhat wasteful to me. A 1 of nearly any type purchased in an effort to 'streamline' and make your kit lighter and more efficient seems self defeating to me... I mean, you can get very nearly as-capable film units at half the cost, half the weight, and half the size. Your 7D2 covers all the sports/high-speed shooting, which of course was the design impetus for the 1V HS - and the 7D does those things a LOT better. For fun/creative/experimental use, it just doesn't seem an ideal choice.
  12. The Canon Elan 7e was my first "Canon" camera and my second AF camera. Recently and I mean 2 days ago, I shot an entire Event with my Nikon FE2 manual film camera. Since I was using a pancake lens (Nikkor 50 f1.8), focusing wasn't the easiest thing to do in the world, but exposure was a snap if things didn't move too fast. What I realized, was how much fun it was to pull that film winder back and click the shutter. In a way it kept me awake since if I didn't pull the lever back, the shutter would not go off. After a while, it became automatic(again). I was thinking about taking my Canon Elan 7e (2nd copy) to that Event, since I have so many good memories with that camera, but I figured I might get more oohs and ahs with the Nikon which I did...
  13. I think the price point is on the high side. The HS is not my cup of tea, but different strokes for different folks. Don't look at the Nikon F6, unless you want to spend more money.

  14. I'm a Nikon/Canon user and shoot film with an F5, F100 and FM3A. I also shoot film with the EOS-1N, Elan 7 and F1N. I also own a Minolta 7 and X-700 and X-570 but more often than not it's either the F100 or 1N. I love all of them and as long as I can find a place to process my film or when film is no longer available then and only then will I stop. I have 18 and 20 year old son's who have no interest in a real camera, they'd rather use their iPhone 6. Check with KEH, they have an Excellent 1V for $765 which does not include the grip but the PB-E2 can be purchased through eBay for little cost. I think your deal sounds very good if it is as advertised.

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