Film bodies compatible with G lenses

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  1. Evening everyone,

    What Nikon film bodies are fully compatible with G lenses? I’m guessing the F 5 and 6 but what else? I don’t want to spend the money on a 6 though a 5 might fit the budget but what else? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. F5 and F6 are both fully compatible with G lenses according to most charts I've seen. F100 also.

    F4 can use them but only in the AE shutter priority and program modes (no manual mode or aperture priority).

    None of the film Nikons are compatible with the newest AF-P (stepper motor) and E (electronic aperture- no mechanical stop down lever) lenses.
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  3. N80 is a good budget option that sells for a little of nothing. It's fully G, AF-S, VR, etc(not E or AF-P) compatible. The N80 actually made the rounds quite a bit as the basis for a lot of DSLRs both with Nikon themselves(D100), Kodak(DCS 14/N and SLR/N) and Fuji(Finepix S2 and S3).

    Going down another notch, the N75 has the same compatibility matrix(G, AF-S, VR) but is a one dial camera so isn't as convenient to use in manual mode.

    For build quality, features, size, weight, and current price I tend to think of the F100 as the default answer for this, though. In a round about way, you could almost think of the F6 as being a second-generation F100 that's been brought up to single-digit-F build quality and features. I love my F6, but I don't feel like I'd lose a lot if I decided to quit using it instead of the F100.
  4. I think so too! I think the F6 is the next generation of the F100 and not the next generation of the F5.
  5. The N80/F80 is a great undervalued camera, but has limitations if you plan to use older MF lenses.
  6. The F65/N65 is also compatible with G (and AF-S and VR).

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