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  1. I've had a recent query from a hotel art broker asking if some of my files could be printed as large as 40x60... I've never gone over 20x30 myself and I'm wondering what kind of file size/resolution I need to be thinking about. I know there are up-rezing programs out there but I'd appreciate any experience the forum could lend to the upper limit based on resolution or file size.
    Thanks as always!
  2. It all depends on how closely the average viewer will get to the print. For example, you can bet that most photos that make it onto huge side-of-the-road billboards were not born in a a 200 Megapixel digital back. There have been several threads on this topic in the past year or two. This one should get you going.
    Tom M
  3. Thanks Tom,
    The previous post is very useful!

  4. this can also help..
  5. Tony, the simple way is to judge for yourself. Just look at a swatch of it on your monitor, blown up to the equivalent of 40x60. You'll have to compute. Look first at the entire image, reduced sufficiently to display in its entirety on your screen. Note the magnification level, and measure width of the physical image with a ruler in inches. Then multiply the magnification level by 60, and divide by the width. Change your magnification to that number. (You will only see a small part of the image.) Now stand back and look at the swatch. If it looks OK to you, then tell the broker your image can be successfully blown up that large.
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    Just upsize (correctly*) to 40x60 and print out a small 8x10 tile of the image to see an approximation of the output (at proper viewing distance) assuming you have your own printer or can send out a test. You canโ€™t judge the quality on a display! It is a low resolution output device.
    With proper technique, you should be able to upsize a good digital capture 2-3X with no problems.

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