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  1. My photographs are going to be displayed on digital photos frames during an event this week. The frame is called Smartparts DPF 70EWI 7". The client has yet to receive the frames so I have not been able to run a test to see what is the proper file size. The client will be taking my images from CDs and loading them onto CF cards. Can anyone recommend a file size that is just right and will not slow down the slide show? I was thinking 700 KB which is 300 DPI at 6 X 4 size. Thank you for your help.
  2. -- "I was thinking 700 KB which is 300 DPI at 6 X 4 size."
    Too big ... you're feeding the frame a 1800x1200 pixel image. The display of the photoframe will have a much smaller size. Something like 1024x768 of 800x600 is more likely.
    When I copy images to the photoframe of my parents in law, I resize so that the long side is 800pixels (they have a frame with a 800x600 display), and store with 95% jpg-quality. The filesize I get is about 150Kb.
  3. Thank you Rainer. Does the monitor (frame not included) also measure 7"? Is 95% jpg- quality equal to a level 10 JPEG when saving?
  4. The monitor might very well be 7''. At least its not far away from that. What I know for sure is, that is has 800x600 pixels.
    And yes, I would think that photoshops quality 10 (of 12) is about the 95% (of 100%).
    A more interesting thing to be checked is how well colors are reproduced. The frame of my parents in law tends to produce more "warmish" colors ... with a bit too much yellow and red as if whitebalance was a bit off. So, i do correct colors a bit when I convert the images for this frame. (Those frames are calibrated devices after all).
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    This is a really low resolution device. The output size is 480x234, so that is the file size you should use. dpi is irrelevant and can be set to anything as long as your photo is 480x234. This is less than 200K at the highest quality of jpeg. Also, note that this is a 16:9 ratio.
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    What I know for sure is, that is has 800x600 pixels.​
    How do you know this? Their specs say it's 480x234. Wouldn't you trust their specs?
  7. Just today I loaded pics onto a digital photo frame for my sister. 16:9. When I checked the instructions that came with the frame to ensure I would resize the images correctly for that frame , I found that the optimal size was 800 pixels on the long side (it's a 7" display w/o the frame). The largest file I uploaded was 372kb, but overall they were averaging under 200kb.
    I used Lightroom to resize processed 10mp NEF RAW files to jpgs at 85% quality (80% would have been fine), with standard sharpening for screen. They look great and load quickly in a slide show. My sister is delighted.
  8. Thanks for all the responses. So, I should check their specs online to see if it is 16:9 ratio. This is something that I should know what it is but I don't, although I am working with a top of the line monitor.
  9. I have no idea between Rainier's and Jeff's irreconcileable assertions about the particular frame's resolution (and I can't seem to find it at, or anywhere, at least with Google). My personal experience is with some of the better current Sony frames. Both the 7" and the 9" are 800x480 pixels (5:3). Somewhat irrelevant, this works out to 133 and 104 ppi, respectively. Somewhat more relevant, both are slightly cool on the color balance. I would try to get at least one of the frames early, and try it, even if you have to pay more for overnight shipping or whatever.
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    You can find the specs on the Smartpants frame here.
  11. R.T. -- "What I know for sure is, that is has 800x600 pixels."
    J.S. -- "How do you know this? Their specs say it's 480x234"
    Jeff, I was reffering to the frame my parents in law have, not to the frame the OP was citing.
    This is a bit digged into the question in the post before the one you found my answer, nevertheless, if you reread it, it might become clear.
  12. Thanks again for all your help. It is 16:9 ratio. I will do a test. The frames will arrive tomorrow.

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