Figures In The Fog

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  1. 1990, Nepal, Tharu Village

    Early morning fog (very thick).
    Flipped horizontally
    Trying to capture an air of mystery

  2. I think you've got a great series going with some of these photos that are similar, atmospheric, tender, and expansive.
  3. Thank you! Don't know what you mean by "tender" though.
  4. Tender (from the Merriam-Webster dictionary)
    1. marked by, responding to, or expressing the softer emotions
    2. highly susceptible to impressions
    3. having a soft or yielding texture
    4. sensitive to touch
    5. gentle, mild
    6. to present for acceptance (as in 'tender his resignation')
    Number 6 does not apply in this context.
  5. Hmmm! Relaxed, Unstressed, De-stressed, and #5

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