Field (depth) of focus in jewelry shooting

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  1. Hi
    Trying to macro shoot jewels but faces the problem that the front/upper part of the object (for example standing positioned ring) is focused but the rear/lower part is vague (if i focus the closer point). As if i need a wider/longer field of focus to catch the whole object focused. I DSCF0042.JPG DSCF0026.JPG DSCF0026.JPG f i focus the central point of the object nor the front neither the rear are focused.
    Generally the distance from lense to object is 22-25cm, and the "missing" focus depth/field is 1-2 cm.
    Please advise how can i overcome and improve the focus.
    Using :
    Fuji xt10 cam and Nikon micro nikkonor 55mm 1:2.8 lense
  2. SCL


    You can stack images focused on different spots with the aid of various software. There have been a number of discussions on how to solve your problem, so a search of terms like "jewelry" and "macro" should give you some specifics offered to others.
  3. Tnx SCL
  4. +1 SCL, I do focus stack in Photoshop
  5. DOnt know what camera / sensor you use, but if your sensor resolution is good enough it is better to step back a little so that your DOF can be better, and then crop in post ...

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