Fidelity Astra 4 x 5 Film Holder

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ron_hughes, Feb 3, 1998.

  1. I recently bought three Astra 4x5 Film Holders in the UK, which were made by Fidelity Manufacturing Co. Burbank CA USA.


    One of the holders is missing a "slide" (I'm not sure if that is what it is called - I haven't seen actually 4x5 film holders before - I intend to use them in a pinhole camera that I'm making). Each of the other two holders contains two "slides".


    Does Fidelity still manufacture film holders? If not, do you know where else I might be able to obtain a replacement?
  2. You can get new replacement dark slides from Calumet and used ones from Midwest photo in the US. Any UK dealer for Lisco (another brand of film holders who I think acquired fidelity) should be able to get them for you.

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