FG-20 Meter Coupling Lever

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark_field|2, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Good Day everyone,

    My girlfriend has a FG-20 and we are wondering if the meter coupling ring on the
    camera body is supposed to be spring loaded so that it follows the tab on the
    aperture ring on the lens.

    She remembers that the meter always reflected whether the aperture was open or
    closed but since she loaned it to a friend a couple of months ago, it no seems
    to function this way. It works fine to step down but the tab on the camera
    body's meter coupling ring no longer follows the aperture as the lens is opened up.

    I can't find much about this camera on the internet but did find some service
    information on the FE body that does indeed have a mechanism for spring loading
    the meter ring. Does the FG have this same style of mechanism inside?

    Thank you,
  2. It should have a similar mechanism. Spring loaded with a length of string tied to it inside to transmit the movement to the meter. How freely does it move when you manipulate it with you fingers?

    My EM suffered with a sticky ring. I freed it up with a very small amount of WD-40. After the spray (keeping the body cap on to be safe) I wiped the excess off with a kitchen towel so I didn't get too much in the camera & repeatedly moved the tab which started it moving freely. I did this a couple of years ago & it is still moving OK.

    Maybe not a suggested fix, but it worked for me.
  3. Hi David,

    The meter ring just flops around to either side without any hint of resistance, so I'm assuming that the string is broke inside.

    Does anyone know how difficult this is to replace? I'm real handy with the tools and don't mind giving it a try as long as I don't have to take the whole camera aprt to get to the piece that needs to be replaced.

  4. "as long as I don't have to take the whole camera apart to get to the piece ..."
    Not going to happen then I would guess. :-(
    The diagram below is from an FE, but as David noted the FG-20 would have a similar arrangement. This mechanism is deep within the chassis, and I would assume some pretty major disassembly is necessary to get to it.
  5. I bought a mint FG+50/1.8E this summer for $50. FG-20s are even cheaper. Can't help think pro repair would cost more--just in case a DIY fix kills the patient...
  6. If you did get it apart & did find that the string had failed, you would need to tie the relacement string to a certain length, otherwise the aperture reading passed to the meter will be wrong. You would only get this info from a Service Manual.

    Sadly, I think that the suggestion that it is beyond economical repair is correct.....unless it has sentimental value. I wouldn't attempt it myself even with a manual. I have a manual for an FM2 & you need special tools to get some bits apart. I don't have the manual to hand, but getting to the aperture mechanism I remember as looking like a nightmare. I think that the mirror box had to come out.

    If you are in the States,maybe have a look at KEH. Have neard good things about their used Nikon bodies. Am sorry :(
  7. Thanks everyone for the help. She has decided to let it be for right now and just use her fingers to make sure that the coupling ring follows the aperture ring.

    We looked on ebay last night and found several suitable replacements for under $50 dollars and she may go that way if it becomes too much trouble.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement model that is similar to this FG model?

    Thanks again,
  8. I think the FG would be an upgrade from the FG-20. They're sweet little cameras with a deadly accurate meter that get undeservedly written off as plasticky junk. Lots available, many of them lightly used.

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