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  1. This is the outfit I was using to earn my living twenty five years or so ago. Missing is the M2/Elmar 50 I used to take the picture. Anyone else got a record of their old 'tool kit'?
  2. Here ya go.
  3. And now, SLRs.
  4. are those fish tanks??
  5. pcg


  6. My daily users.
  7. Sorry, I just dropped into the collectors forum by mistake.
  8. <<are those fish tanks??>>

    Yep. And before anyone asks, no there's no water in them, and yes I do use the cameras but when I'm not using them they're on display. They've earned the right. The tanks were about $25 each at Petsmart, about 1/4 of what a real display case costs. And those are tubs of Damp-Rid in with the cameras. No fungus among us.
  9. The header photo from my Old Beaters article here on photo.net.
  10. Steve leHuray, you little bitch. ;-) I'm going to come over to your house and sieze custody of those poor, mistreated quintuplets of yours. Gonna give them a nice bath, bandage their sores, bring new colour to their cheeks. Yes, my pretties, yes....
  11. Unfortunately, I don't have any posed photographs of my camera against a nice background - no other cam to take its picture. Maybe I could get some done at the Sears portrait center.
    Here's a pic of me using it though. Not sure why I look so happy...
  12. As I started this, I suppose I better own up to my curent outfit...
  13. And my fiance calls me a geek. Ha!
  14. [​IMG]
    1,2,3,4,_,6,7,MP + LHSA

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