Feisol tripod and Markins ballhead

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by justin_nurman, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Following my question last time about tripod/ballhead with my 200mm lens, I
    decided to replace my tripod. I am now looking at a Feisol CT3301N (or Gitzo
    1257) tripod with Markins M10 ballhead. I am leaning towards Feisol after
    reading threads on this brand from a few sites. As I need to order it from
    overseas, I need to clarify a few things:
    1. Has anyone use this combo? Is it sturdy enough for, say an EOS3+booster with
    200mm lens? If no collar is used, will it locked properly if the lens is
    pointing down 45degree?
    2. Markins has tripod base that claims to reduce vibration. Is it useful? Has
    anyone used this with their tripod?
    3. Will the tripod base fit the Feisol tripod? Do I have to buy the center
    column kit first to attach the tripod base?

    Thank you for your help,
    Cheers, Justin
  2. Regarding the Feisol vs Gitzo issue - the Gitzo 1257 will be clearly better than the Feisol. If you can afford the Gitzo, spend the money once and be done with it. I couldn't/wouldn't spend double for the Gitzo, so I bought the Feisol and have been more than pleased with it. Haven't used the Markins M10, but have heard nothing but good things about it (I use the Kirk BH-3). I would imagine that it could hold the EOS 3 and 200mm lens w/o much difficulty. However, adding a tripod collar will probably make more difference in holding/balancing the load than upgrading the ballhead will. Regarding the Markins baseplate, that is a replacement for the Gitzo tripods to eliminate the center column. If you buy the Feisol, it comes with a flat plate that allows you to remove the center column and just have a mounting plate for the head. No need for the Markins system on the Feisol. Plus, if you don't buy the center column for the Feisol, you save money. I chose that approach, since I never used the center column on my tripod.
  3. 2. Markins has tripod base that claims to reduce vibration. Is it useful? Has anyone used this with their tripod?
    Justin I use a Markins baseplate on my Gitzo G1228. Excellent little product; I have the 4-section leg Gitzo so I was interested in improving rigidity as much as possible. From my comparison pictures it is worth the $80.

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