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  1. Hi folks,
    relatively new to photography, and this forum.
    This a good place to ask for feedback on my photos?
    They are Portraits, after all :)

    I should mention that most of these are not particularly processed. just basic crop and whitebalance
  2. The photos are OK! Tell the model to relax her fingers. I would suggest to use more natural backgrounds like archetectural structures as that background look dull.
  3. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    To my way of thinking, only 4 out of 25 photos have tense fingers... not too bad.
  4. lighting, color, and technical aspects work

    poses and expressions a bit stiff, background doesn’t work (draped look with neutral color is kind of dull)

    favorite shot is the one with the big smile, arms folded, a little vignetting - it’s natural and endearing

    mostly, it’s too obvious she’s posing for the camera. most shots look like she’s looking at camera, not me. my mind goes to photo shoot instead of model herself. ask her to occasionally look past you instead of at you. have her look down and suddenly raise her eyes or whole head. get her thinking about something else but posing. establish more curves with her body positions. open up her poses more in some instances. many straight, uninteresting lines in the poses.

    good start that can use refinement. look at some great portrait photographers for inspiration as much as ideas and expression, yours and your models. avedon and penn fashion stuff, steichen, leibovitz, mccurry, helmet newton, etc
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