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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by jody_williams|1, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I am new at photography and I would
    love some feedback on my website
  3. Under pricing you are trying to sell portraits but you have a lot of nature and landscape photos on the first page. I think this will confuse people. If you do not have a large enough portrait portfolio then go out and photograph more people for free. Also the images are different sizes. Some are very very small.
  4. Thank you. I wasn't thinking when I
    made the website about all the
    landscape pics I had put on there. I will
    add more portraits to it. I also noticed
    they came up diff sizes but I don't know
    how to change that
  5. Hi Jody. Try to add a blog. Also make sure you stay focused with your content like Sarah suggested. No landscapes at all if you are doing portrait photography. Put yourself in a customer's shoes. If they are looking at a portfolio, they want to see how well to take photos of people. Also fix the address at the bottom. You have an extra comma.
    Good luck!

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