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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by sarah_ashley|2, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Id love to know what you all think of my website. I use zenfolio and recently changed the design.
  2. The layout and content seems fine but you may want to optimise the serving speed. On my middle of the road connection (5MBs) it is slow and a bit jerky.
  3. Sarah, personally I think you should proofread the site. Nothing says "professional" like spelling errors - look under your products page and check the header. Loading speed seemed okay on my system.
    Regards, James.
  4. James. Thank you for catching that. I am not such a great speller. I will have someone go through my whole website today.
  5. No problem Sarah, I would hope someone would do the same for me. All else aside, the site looks nice and flows well. I would recommend having an objective look through your galleries some day as some seem bloated to me. Ask yourself which ones are your absolute best and are what you want to represent your style. 90+ photos in weddings for example is not as important as say 20-30 images that really knock peoples socks off.
    My two cents.
    Best luck, James.
  6. Ya maybe it is time to delete some more. I like to give the brides a lot to look at though so they can see that I have experience. Your right though it probably is too much.
  7. I think you may need to clean up your pricing section a little bit.
    Wedding Pricing
    - The Full Wedding Coverage Packages is a little crazy. Too much indentation and space between the lines. The indentation would be ok if it were more consistent throughout the site.

    You should remove the pricing catalog at the bottom. Everything should be on the website. It also doesn't work on mobile.

    For the whole site, check some of the line breaks. Some of the text seems to run off the page.
  8. I dont know what you mean about text running off of the page. I fixed the wedding pricing page though.
  9. Much cleaner Sarah. Nice.

    I think you fixed the runoff. When I saw it, the copy was running outside the border. I forgot where though. It seems to be gone now.

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