FED 50 - The Soviet Olympus Trip

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  1. Hello all
    I spent a lot of 2015 shooting on an old FED 50 compact - a viewfinder camera with zone focus settings like the Lomo LC-A.
    It's very much like the Olympus Trip 35, though made with a more agricultural feel.
    I posted a review of it on my blog:
    FED 50 review on Zorki Photo
    I was massively impressed with the Industar lens on the FED 50; it's got more vignetting than the Trip lens, but is impressively sharp.
    Anyone else used this camera?
    I also had its 60s ancestor, the FED Micron, which is much better built but I don't really get on with half-frames; it was nice to shoot in low-light though, as it generated some dreamy looking pics.
  2. Stephen,
    Nice images and nice writeup. I, myself, am a fan of Soviet cameras, but only own few examples. I find my FED2 very good camera and when paired with good lens, like Jupiter 8, life is great.
    Thank you for sharing.
  3. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Thanks for posting your review of the FED 50. It's one of my favorite compact cameras. I have also used an Olympus Trip 35, and I find the Industar lens on the FED to be even better. I would rate it comparable to the Rollei 35 Tessar or Minox Minotar. The FED also offers a wider range of shutter speeds, and more information in the viewfinder, showing both distance symbols and shutter speed/aperture combinations. The auto exposure and zone focusing systems work well, in my experience.

    Dave E.

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