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  1. Dear PN users,

    I just have purchased a russian Leica Replica Fed2, I really love the
    feel of it and I can't wait to start shooting with it. My only question is
    how does one select the proper film ISO?

  2. You don't--there's no meter.

    Either get a handheld meter, or start practicing estimating exposure based on "Sunny 16".
  3. Many older manual cameras have a dial for setting film speed. These were intended merely as reminders to the photographer as to what film was in the camera.
  4. The later FED-2's have a "film reminder" wheel over the film advance knob, but it serves no mechanical purpose. In fact, it serves no practical purpose, either, because the markings are in the early GOST system with only a range of between 22 to 180.
  5. I believe the GOST rating is about 0.9 times the ISO/ASA rating. I set mine by aligning the sun symbol (I guess that means daylight film) with the 180 (200 ISO film). I don't know if that's what the makers intended, but as others have mentioned, it is just a reminder for you, it doesn't make any difference to the camera.
  6. My one seems to be an early model, no speed reminder setting. Did you ask what to load? - I'd suggest something fast. - A really fine camera. The viewfinder adjustment range is even wide enough for my right eye (-4.75 contact lens)
  7. I have five -- one blue, red, green, white or gray and then the usual black with chrome. Great cameras. Learn the "sunny sixteen" rule and with current film's latitude, you won't even need a meter most of the time outdoors.
  8. Thank you all for your priceless input, that is what I thought as

    well. But I thought it would be worth asking.


  9. "Best film reminder"

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