Fed 2 With Industar 61 (Panda)

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  1. Hi all, Just thought I'd post a couple of shots with my Fed2 and I 61(Silver &Black Panda) Lens. I spent the weekend in Paignton Devon, and had the Fed loaded with 200ASA Colour film from one of the cheap processing firms in the UK. Film is probably made in the EU but is not too bad actually, I was very pleased with the results, what do you think?
  2. Here is another one
  3. Yet another one
  4. and another one
  5. And another one
  6. This is the last one
  7. Nice crisp shots and vivid colour. What I have read about Devon says that it is not all that colourful! Nice post; I have several Feds from 2 to 5. They are good and so are the Industar lenses. Thanks, sp.
  8. Thanks Subarayan, We were lucky with the weather last weekend England has had a poor summer again, mostly rain since June, contrary to what you have read Devon is absolutely glorious in Summer, and extremely colourful a green and pleasant land.
  9. i just read you other post. the 'budget' film you're using seems to be excellent.
  10. Really quite nice work, and amazing color. I have a Fed 2, but only shoot B&W. The color is really great.
  11. The FED-2's simplicity makes it more reliable than many other cameras. Its longer R/F base length is good for focussing. Slow speeds and a film advance lever would have made it just about perfect.
    You seem to consistently hold the right side of the camera higher than the left.
  12. Lovely colours and sharpness, shame there aren't more holidaymakers. It would be interesting to see the camera and lens.
  13. Hi John, Here is a picture of the camera & lens, Mikul, as you can see from the picture the camera is fitted with an auxillary viewfinder which covers 35 to 85mm lenses. I use the camera viewfinder to focus the the other finder to frame that is probably why some of the pictures seem a bit tilted.
  14. Here is the picture I messed up the previous post (over sensitive track pad!!)
  15. Very nice, Robert, the old Fed 2 is certainly a good solid camera with a fine lens. Paignton looks a pretty place; they even have one of our New Zealand Cabbage Trees, looking slightly incongruous in the "Rivera" picture. Nice compositions, beautiful skies, great colour; I assume the scans were by Trueprint?. Thanks for an interesting couple of posts.
  16. I think the film did a fine job.. very crisp colors.. excuse my (american) english but I see references on the signs to: Adult, Child and OAP...what is an OAP (older adult person???
  17. Hi Chuck, OAP is what is known in England as a retired person of a certain age! Old Age Pensioner! Men 65 and up, ladies start at 60 although from next year Government has decreed ladies have to wait until they are 61!! Afraid there are getting to be too many of us, we are simply not dieing fast enough for them, they don't like the idea of paying for us once we have finished our productive days after paying taxes all our working lives.
  18. Hello. Your photos are very colourful, deep and sharp, perfect. Fed2 is an old camera and most of them have problems with shutters, when the second shutter can be late. This cause the over-exposure on one side of the frame. Your camera, fortunately, is in perfect shape. You are lucky. I have some Fed cameras (2, 4 and 5), and I enjoy using them too. I also take the cheapest film and get a very nice results, much better then modern small digital cameras can afford. The main Fed's advantages, as for me, are it's perfect sharpness and color rendering. By the way, there is no semi-professional DSLR, who has a long exposure (longer than 1min), but Fed has "B" exposure. It is useful if you want to make a night-photo with moving stars. I want to make something like that.
    Sorry for my russian-english. It is very pleasant for me that people from all over the world don't forget cameras from USSR.

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