Fed 2 N26M & New brew test

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  1. I made some improvements to my brew. After small changes in the basic formula and more perturbations in the dilution level and development time I have arrived at something, here. Looks more reasonable and pleasant, visually. Over several days last week I took these pictures around the neighborhood with the Fed 2 and Industar 26M, restored at home. This lens is impressive despite the cleaning scratched made by some previous owners. At times, I wonder if some people use sand paper to clean the lens! Here are some samples.
  2. Neat, handy, camera with a quiet shutter. Has only B, and 1/30 to 1/500 sec. Count the elephants go by on B. They come out okay! This model has no leatherette clothing. The metal surface is formed with the crinkles. One could paint any colour on it. [Recall old Henry; "...any color...so long as it is black!" Yes, looks better this way.]:)
    The tripod socket is the old 3/8 in. I added the adapter. Notice the triangular scoop near the keys to accommodate the thumbnails. The older versions did not have them. The viewfinder shows more than what the lens captures, actually. Perhaps they designed it to accommodate the 35mm lenses too. Film advance is very smooth; just run your forefinger on its side and it turns.
  3. The collage is limited to 700 pixels. I shall try and post a full screen version below.
  4. Thanks PN, it worked.
  5. Larger version below.
  6. I used the Ultrafine 100 film. Thanks for viewing, regards. sp.
  7. SP, Your FED-2 shots makes me want to try Soviet again. Unfortunately, I've never laid my hands on a FED that didn't have a problem. BTW, where do you get Ultrafine in Bangalore?
  8. SP, looks like whatever you're souping the film in now gives you great results; wide range in midtones I can see.
    However, I detect blotchy blacks and shadows, most likely needing tweaks in scanning or post-processing. In collage #1 , frames 1 and 2 look OK, 3 & 4 are pixelated (lo-res) in your larger attachment.
    In collage #2 , only frame 7 is hi-res, the other three look boxy to me.
    Love the collage presentations, though. makes me want to stare at your neighborhood pics much, much longer.
  9. Thanks Anirban; you have to mail order a couple of 100feet rolls from the US. Try <www.ultrafine.com> on the web. They would suggest a standard packet that contains 2 rolls. Will cost you around $60.00, including postage.
    Gabor, you are right. I still have difficulty in scanning and reducing sizes. This enlargement is good only up to 1600 pixels. Shall set the top limit the next time! Thank you. sp.
  10. Thanks for the tip on the UltraFine film, SP....
    but it's www.ultrafineonline.com
    Looks like they still have Fuji Neopan 400 in 120 still in stock.... good to know !
  11. Really nice tonality, and the pictures, as we have come to expect, are outstanding documents of a time and place.
    Well done.
  12. Really nice collages SP, and I like your tweaks in your new brew. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Gabor - don't count on Neopan 400 being available from ultrafine, they tend to have a hard time updating their stock online.
  13. Whatever you have done works a treat, the tones look great and that lens has a pleasing softness and depth that shows in these photos.
    Keep rescuing those Soviets!
  14. pleasure as always, and completely agreed on the brew, it seems to be bringing out more tonality and broader range - looks good!
  15. Really fine results, Subbarayan. And as always an interesting "visit" through your photos. Thanks for posting.
  16. SP, these images are a vast improvement over your last few posts in respect of graduation and tonal range. They display on my monitor with a slightly warmish/sepia cast, very pleasant. Great pics, as usual.
  17. Thanks everyone; all your comments and posts helped me refine the brew development and scanning quality. As I said in another post, each one in this forum brings some unique aspect of photography to learn from. The Feds and Industars have also become favourites of mine. I must thank Ebay-PayPal for these; but for Ebay I would not have had access to so many cameras and manufacturers of yore. sp.
  18. SP, I read that you used to develop in Sterling Universal developer diluted 1:20 with a 30g/L sodium chloride solution.Also you have used modified HPF India X-ray film developer.It would be interesting to hear what brew you improved and how it was done.It brings good results from your classic cameras.
  19. Alan, I am working on a separate write up about that effort. Will post in the near future. Thank you for the encouragement. Regards, sp.

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