February Photo Chat Get-Together

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  1. What better to do with the New Year than discuss photographs!
    Yes, how about getting together to chat about our photographs and the stories behind them. What was your intent in making the photograph, what were you trying to say, was it a success? If you made your print, were there any particular challenges involved?
    This is not a discussion focused on gear — the idea is to share insights, get constructive feedback, learn a few things, relax and make new friends!
    Well, if this sounds interesting and fun, how about joining me in beautiful downtown Doylestown, PA, in the heart of scenic Bucks County, and we will get together over a cup of coffee.
    Photographers of all levels are welcome.
    Bring only a couple of prints to discuss. Obviously the prints should be Black and White and should be film based!
    The get together will be on Sunday, February 19th, 10:00-11:30am at the Zen Den coffee shop, located on ‪20 Donaldson Street, Doylestown, PA 18901.
    Email or call me at 215-348-9171 if you are interested. First come first serve!
    I look forward to meeting you!

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