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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by G-P, Sep 25, 2017.

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    New for your profile page - set your featured photos, sort your featured photos. Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 6.09.47 PM.jpg
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  2. G-P

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    simply choose, sort and save then they will appear on your profile page. Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 6.16.45 PM.png
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  3. It works beautifully for me, Glenn! (Safari 11.0) Just what I needed--thanks!

    It took me a few tries to get the hang of reordering the photos--I needed to place the one to be moved on top of the one that it was supposed to be next to in order for it to go where I wanted it, but once I got that figured out, it was easy.
  4. PapaTango

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    Now that is what I am talking about!

    I will look at it again after I get out of the hospital tomorrow. The shock was a bit much for me... :eek:
  5. G-P

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    Papa Tango...I hope you are joking about the hospital!
  6. I can add images to the feature section, but can't sort them. None of the other sort functions work for me, so at least it's consistent.
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  7. Did you try placing the photo to be moved directly on top of the photo you want the moved one to sit next to? That did the trick for me.
  8. Sort functions have never worked for me, no matter what. It's a well documented situation. The featured photos is a nice addition and I'm sure many will enjoy it.
  9. So far,so good, it is better. Now , if we can add subsections to
    featured photos wich I could name like particular project (portraits, nature, birds, Toronto, Mexico, Doors etc ) , we would have really good web presentation.
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  10. Nice feature and it pre-empts my suggestion to have the Galleries as default instead of Photos on the profile page.The sort function works for me and much like the sort function in the Galleries/photos,a few bounces here and there,but in the end,it works...wish it could work for you Laura with all the effort you are putting in this.Now selecting photos for the feature Gallery is where it becomes difficult/almost impossible for me and I assume for anyone with a large folio as selecting images can only be done from My PN Library which is structured from the order of upload to PN.To access photos,one has to scroll down the whole portfolio,7000+/7 years of images in my case with a ''load more'' at every 40 images.This would be somewhat resolved by having access to this feature in the Galleries section.On the sort function which works,I arrange my photos 3-wide as they appear on my Profile page when it comes up on my square screen;when I open my Profile page on a wider screen,all the sort shows up different,4-wide on my laptop destroying all the sort arrangement I chose.Another glitch popped up when hitting the ''show more'' button at the bottom of the Featured photos of the Profile Page....It added another copy of all the featured photos and yet another copy if the button was hit again.Growing pains I guess,but the pain I would like to be resolved first is that of having the feature available in the Galleries section and here also find a way out of having to LOAD MORE all the time.
  11. Frigo,
    There is a new computer in my near future. I'll refrain from making further comments until then. The efforts usually work out in some way, though not always as we anticipate. I'll keep reading what you and others say to stay up with developments. Cheers.
  12. When I sign in, the page is full of other people's photos. It can be turned off to just show mine but it reverts when I log back in. This can't be right.
  13. Glen,I fortunately do not have Sanford's problem,however,I am still where I was when I raised a few points in my note of Sept 26(above) to which I might add the difficulty to UN-FEATURE an image which requires a search through the entire portfolio to locate the image;my suggestion to ease this is to have an un-feature button somewhere in the Feature section of the portfolio or on the image.Hope your tech crew has time to look at my note on this..
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  14. Glen...It has been three weeks since you ''liked'' my note on this matter but it seems that no further action has been taken to iron out the difficulties of using this feature as I elaborated in my note.Again,I praise the availability of the feature but it needs to be re-freshed to be useable by any member with larger porfolios.Any chance this might get any attention soon?
  15. For Frigo:

    Bated Breath
    Here I wait with bated breath
    'til my eyes should close in death
    and I should rise above this frame
    to seek the stars which call my name.

    —Caleb D. 2017
  16. For Fred G....Guess those of us,migrants from the former(real) PN must look somewhat odd to outsiders as we walk around....red in the face with puffed up rib cages from this Bated Breath that haunts us since the introduction of this version.
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    i liked it and its on the list, however as everyone knows it is a long list.
  18. That's a nice feature! Thanks!
  19. Works well, nice feature.

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