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  1. The featured photos have gone from my profile page.Has this happened to others?-Laurent
  2. No but over a week ago I "lost" two galleries with close on 100 images from my portfolio !! I've altered admin but nothing has been done and I'm still missing those galleries, also I can't add more images or work with the images in them. Don't suppose this is of any help but the two issues may be connected.
  3. Ken...maybe not directly connected but part of the multiple issues making this once user friendly site the mess it is now.My Featured Photos have timidly returned to my Profile Page but are taking an eternity to load,not too much of an issue for me but enough to turn away any outside visitor wishing/hoping to view my stuff.Hope you get to recuperate your lost images.Salutations-Laurent
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  4. My featured photos don't display either. Frustrating...
  5. The way the featured photos are flagged isn't indexed very effectively. The call to ask for them doesn't scale. We tested having 10 to 20 . Higher numbers causes it to timeout. Let me think
  6. Techsupport:my Featured photos have returned but as I noted earlier,after my profile page is opened,it takes some time before the featured photos start to load;in my case,would the large number(113) I have chosen be part of the reason for the long upload time?Another issue you may want to look at while you are on this is the ''load more'' box which shows up at the bottom of the features images when clicked duplicates all the featured photos at the bottom of which the message re-appears???
  7. Reindexing featured photos right NOW! the featured photos will be indexed for quick display on your profile pages soon.
  8. You sure Ms technical support? Mine just disappeared today June 5. Really can you get the site together. Seems you solve one problem and create another. Who actually is running photo.net now?
  9. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... I guess I am...
  10. @#$%^&*()
    Hey guys can you visit www.photo.net/my/photos/featured/ "remove" a photo and "add" the photo back as a featured photo, it should then be featured. The data was moved out of a database to an index, a process ran to back-fill all the ones already picked as featured. The DB was too slow for people choosing lots and lots of featured photos.

    I'll check and check that on getting that backfilled properly.
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  11. Thanks TS. I'll give it a go.
  12. we switched back to the slow database query for this part of the profile page for now, it's so slow for some profiles takes more than 30 seconds to load. Our indexer needs a schema change also preserving the sort order, and the data back-filled.
  13. Should be fixed

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