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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by G-P, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Hello Everyone - Editorial would like your help! Please send along your suggestions on who you would like to see a "Featured Member" piece on. Featured Member is something we would love to see more of - we hope you feel the same, so if there is a photographer that you admire and or inspires you - please let us know by either nominating them here or send me a PM.
  2. That's difficult to decide on, Glenn, because there are so many. One of the reason why we are here.You don't say if I can suggest several, but here is my shortlist of six, that I see as especially creative and interesting photographers, who deserve to be a "Featured Member".
    John Crosley
    Luis Triguez
    Jack McRitchie
    Tim Holte
    Emil Schildt
    Lars Raun
  3. not in any particular order:
    Luis Triguez
    Mike Dixon
    Jeff Spirer
  4. Drew Bayless
    Jack McRitchie
    Gunnar Vaht
    Marjolein Martinot
  5. Site help. I guess I am more interested in accomplished professional photographers who could maybe write about their professional skills rather than a facebook buddy community member approach. Not dissing the feature,Glen! Just adding a thought that Name Media might use to burnish the domain. I will think on your question later on.
  6. Jack McRitchie.
    I won't dilute that by offering any other names, though there are many worthy photographers here.
  7. Mircea Tiron-Tudor
  8. Depends on what is expected to be the angle of the Featured Member - if it's mainly about portfolio, Gordon's list, and I would add Mark Zell and Billy K to that too.
    But for a different kind of discussion, I'd recommend some of the frequent contributors to the Classic Manual forum on their passion for old(er) cameras and related gear, for example Martin Tai's recent contributions on small frame cameras. Plenty sites review the latest and greatest, but I think one of p.net's strength's is that there is good share of knowledge on the old gear too, and a lot of passion goes into that as well.
  9. I agree that there are many good /great photographers In that site. but here is my list;

    Jack MeCritchie

    Gordon B,

    Fred G.

    Tim Holt

    Hugo Romano

    Vouter W.
  10. Sorry for the typo, should be Wouter W.
  11. Jack McRitchie
    Landrum Kelly
    Alf Bailey
  12. Luis Triguez
  13. I certainly agree that Jack McRitchie should be featured; I would also propose Radu Carp for his readily identifiable and quality work.
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    All good suggestions - @Michael our friend Alf Bailey has already been featured!

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