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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by larry_millar, May 12, 2010.

  1. I have an old FE2 which has been a reliable workhorse for many years. Lately I've notice that in P mode the shutter curtain seems to stick and stays open for several seconds before closing again. All of the shutter speeds seem fine when I manually set the camera to them but whenever I change over to P mode the sticking occurs. It doesn't happen all the time but frequently enough for me to have lost confidence in the camera. I had the same problem several years ago and had the camera repaired. I forget the exact cost but it wasn't cheap. So, my questions: has anybody ever encountered the same problem? If you were in my position would you repair it again or buy a used model? And if I were to buy again would you move up the scale to the professional F series or stick with the FE2? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I wasn't aware this camera had a "P" mode. If so, where do I find it, how do I use it? Is it an FA, FG, FG 20?
  3. In the strictest sense the FE2 does not have a P exposure mode, which is associated with Program on other cameras. FE2 has A (aperture priority) and manual modes (and among the manual settings is the B for Bulb). Please clarify so we're not in the dark. Are you saying that for a given 'proper' exposure/meter reading via manual settings, the same lighting/composition/aperture yields a much longer exposure in A?
    We have some FE2's but have never encountered what I described. Assuming the cost of an estimate isn't prohibitive I'd go that route rather than throwing-in the towel and/or getting another FE2; better the devil you know. Yet if you decide to upgrade, use it exclusively in manual exp mode and grab an F100 for a relative song, assuming the increased size/weight is acceptable.
  4. Check that the meter coupling ring is moving freely, check that the exposure lock lever is operating correctly, check that the diaphragm in your lens is opening and closing without hesitation.
    I would repair rather than spend on a replacement in unknown condition.
  5. The FE2 is a great camera. The simplistic nature of the camera and meter are attractive features in such a small body. If you like it, sent it to KEH for a CLA. I sent mine there, and they did a wonderful job...total cost: $120.
  6. in P mode the shutter curtain seems to stick and stays open​
    Because P stands for Pause . You need to hit Play to continue....
    As many other cameras like Nikon FG, Pentax P3,... the P mode is set by shutter dial at Auto and aperture at minimum. If you test the FE2 this way and indoor, with minimum aperture, the shutter is supposed to sticks for some seconds
  7. I'm a complete dolt! Of course the FE2 doesn't have a P mode. I confused it with one of my other cameras. It's in the A mode that the shutter sticks. John, I've used this camera for well over 20 years and so I know it very well. The shutter is definitely sticking and so it's a repair job. It's only because repair jobs cost so much that I thought I should consider upgrading to one of the F series cameras even though I do believe that simpler is better. Thanks to all of you who responded.
  8. You can also check with Abilene Camera Repair (just google them). They just serviced my FE. Depending on what level of service, you can get a totally rebuilt camera back. Buying another used, non-service camera does not mean you will get one that works.

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