FD lens adaptor for Panasonic Lumix G1

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Glenn McCreery, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I noticed an e-bay listing for a Canon FD lens adaptor for the Panasonic Lumix G1 digital SLR. Does anyone have any experience with this adaptor?
  2. I have the adapter and a coworker of mine played with it (and some of my lenses)
    besides, there's quite some talk about it in the Canon FD Yahoo group, I don't know whether you have to be a member to browse the archives though.
  3. There are two on eBay. One is from Jinfinance in Shanghai and the other is from Ciecio7 in Poland. They are both high quality item and work very well. I have both and use them on my Lumix G1 and two different Canon FD lenses.
  4. I bought the Jinfinance one - it arrived in about 10 days and works very well. Good FD glass is exceptional on the G1 - if there is anything in this digital coating stuff I cannot see it! You have to be aware that the process of changing lens lets dust onto the sensor which is very exposed in the G1. You can have great fun with the G1 and Fd glass - for example 170mm F1.2, 600mm F2.8 or (very unusual) the 30mm F2.8 fisheye. Focusing is pretty easy and exposure works well in either manual or in aperture priority. Unlike the Panasonic lens you lose the ability to zoom in when you focus manually (at least i cannot find out how to enable it) and you have to set the aperture manually on the lens. the viewfinder compensates for the aperture automatically so the intensity of the light flickers slightly if you cahnge aperture by a large amount. So far I have used the following lenses with no issue
    15 F2.8 Fisheye
    17 F4
    24 F2
    35 f2
    35 F2.8 TS (works very well but the EVF makes it harder to see the effect)
    50 F1.4
    85 F1.2
    100 F4 Macro (with 25 and 50 mm tubes)
    135 F2
    80-200 F4L zoom
    35-105 F3.5 zoom (works well as a 70-200)
    300 F2.8 (I also used it with the 1.4x but focussing gets quite difficult)
  5. I'm using the CameraQuest (RayQual?) adapter with Canon FD 20 f/2.8, 24 f/2, 35 f/2, 50 f/1.2L, 85 F/1.2L, 100 f/2 and 135 f/2 lenses. I'm quite happy with the results, and the whole setup is nice way to rejuvenate the FD lenses. (With which I still shoot some film.)

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