FD 28-85/4 vs 35-105/3.5

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  1. I'd like to know from anyone who has experience with both of these fine FD zooms which one delivers better image quality. I have used my 35-105 fairly extensively, and have always been happy with its versatility and resolution, but even though I also have a 28-85, I haven't used it enough to determine how its IQ compares with that of the 35-105. I know that the 28-85 is one of the last FD lenses that was made, and, while it's build quality is inferior to that of the other zoom, it has an stellar optical reputation.
    I would like to sell one of these lenses, keeping the one with better IQ. Obviously, their range is different, so I'm only interested in hearing about their comparative IQ.
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    I have both I use the 28-85 more then the 35-105. Image quality at his point is going to be down to your lenses condition.
    Shooting slides with mine I can't tell a difference between them.
  3. Yeah, I'm with Mark. I use the 28-85 a lot more than the 35-105. Those two lenses are so good any differences between them will come down to shooting technique.
  4. I have the 35-105/3.5 and two copies of the later 35-105/3.5-4.5. When I find a 28-85 FD at a good price I may get one. For now I have several 28-90/2.8-3.5 Series 1 and 28-85/2.8-3.8 Vivitars to use. I had read that the older and larger 35-105/3.5 was a better lens but I actually prefer the later model. It's slower but smaller and lighter. It is good for portraits at the 105 end, which the 35-105/3.5 isn't, and it is quite sharp. Where I have to be careful is in flare situations. The later lens is more flare prone.
  5. At F4 I find the 35 - 105 to be better especially at the edges, Hard to tell on film in normal use but on full frame digital (I use Leica) you can see the 35-105 is better. That said neither look that great on digital.
  6. Hi
    I recently bought both to mount on a Sony A7R (36Mp).
    I own a lot of FD lenses, from 20mm to 500mm.

    I've not done many photos with those zooms yet.
    After some quick tests, I'd say I do prefer the 28-85.
    Note that it may be because 35mm is often too long for what I do.

    I have an old test of the 28-85 and the last 35-105 (the 3.5-4.5, with molded aspherical element).
    This is in a 1987 edition of "Chasseur d'images Spécial Objectifs".
    If you read french, you can probably find one second hand and there are a lot of lenses tested.
    (I bought it to get the review of the Canon FD 80-200mm f/4.0L).

    In (very) short, the 35-105 (the last one) is said to be 'very good' in center and 'good' on borders from f/5.6 on.
    The 28-95 reaches an 'Excellent' and 'Very good' rating at same apertures at 28mm, and is similar to 35-105 for longer focal length... with the 85mm requiring to stop down to f/8 for same result.

    I've also done some tests with Imatest with the 28-85mm. Although I'm not yet very confident in the results I get, the first results show a very good sharpness in the center. (Much) Less so in the corners.

    To be honest, I don't think I'll use either of those zooms a lot anyway. They are quite big and,... well, they look optically outdated.
    Well, at least on a modern 36Mp camera (quite demanding!).

    As for zooms, I do prefer a wider zoom - I like the Canon FD 20-35 f/3.5L a lot. Otherwise, I mainly use Canon FD primes, like the 85mm f/1.2, 100mm f/2.0, 35mm f/2.0, 28mm f/2.0, 24mm f/2.0, 50mm f/3.5 Macro,...
    Oh and did I say the Canon FD 80-200mm f/4.0L is wonderful ?

    Have a nice day
  7. [​IMG]I have both the Canon FD 28-85 and the 35-105…both have outstanding IQ as far as I’m concerned. And with my interests being outdoors nature / scenic / wildlife, I find that for any drive I take out into the country side I usually have these 3 lenses with me: FD28-85, FD80-200-L, FD300-L.
    Just last week we had a ‘sunny-16’ day here, atmosphere was cleaned out, textbook blue sky / lots of white clouds so off I went and used the FD28-85 for most everything that day...one example is this green Tobacco field, deep blue sky, beautiful white clouds.

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