Fay Godwin has died

Discussion in 'News' started by uk, May 30, 2005.

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    British landscape photograoher of some repute, Fay Godwin has died at age 74,

    Fay was a committed B&W worker ond enthusiastic teacher, She will be missed by many.
  2. I highly recommend 'The Edge Of The Land' - it's a lovely book, with beautiful photos and
    Godwin's clear-minded photojournalism on the passing of coastal communities (and a
    short but exquisitely spiked piece about National Trust control-freakery). Her photos of
    the Kent and Sussex coastline are amongst my favourites of the kind.
  3. Indeed a Lady of great talent one thing that makes her work a landmark in the industry is her tounge in cheek sense of humour which hopefully has rubbed off on those she taught.

    One thing that caught my attention on the BBC link provided by Bob is that her fellowship with the "Royal Photographic Society" granted 1990 was honorary is there a reason why the closing paragraph of the article should not have read: granted fellowship as opposed to honorary.

    Thank You Fay

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