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Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by Colin O, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. From your days shooting Minolta, which was your favourite lens? Or the one you always coveted?
    Was there a lens that justified shooting Minolta all on its own? Or what about those questions in relation to other systems you shot with?
  2. The only Minoltas I used regularly were from my unit's equipment locker (remember the "tragedy of the commons"?)

    That just had a 50-something mm normal lens, but it worked without a hitch, and produced very nice Kodachrome and Plus-X images.

    Later I got transfixed with the Maxxum cameras and lenses. Minolta deserves more credit than they got for making AF practical and attractive.

    Here's the first variant of the Maxxum - crossed xs and all. The AF was not wicked fast, but it was still probably faster than manual focus;)
    That little Minolta 35-80mm AF is just so "cute"!
    The Kalimar is surprisingly good.​
  3. SCL


    My favorite, although not the most used, is he 50/3.5 macro, a beast but producing great results.
  4. My first Minolta was a SR7 with 58mm f/1.4 lens bought used in 1972. The lens was great even at 1.4 and I would shoot at 1/30 @ 1.4 indoors without flash.
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  5. My favorite MD glass was the 85mm f2.0
    Rokkor. Great color rendering.
  6. The ancient 58/1.4 that came with an equally ancient SRT 101. Got them cheap as a broke-ass grad student. Fave shots of my kid and in-laws resulted. Bokeh on that old hunk of glass was gorgeous.

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