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  1. D850 with Sigma 35 f1.4 DSC_4043_00226-picsay.jpg
  2. willow tree sunset s.jpg
    Willow tree in my backyard
  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Scan from Tri X Nikon
  4. this "ahuehuete" (taxodium micronatum) was planted in the park El Retiro (Madrid) in the year 1632!. The ahuehuetes are native from Mexico, Guatemala or Texas.
    0002a Árbol-Ahuehuete-NAFD28-105IF.jpg Nikkor AF-D 28-105 IF (78)
  5. Hai294A_web0.jpg
    An ancient hornbeam - decrepit but still flowering - bit like me!
  6. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

  7. 462DD748-1CAF-4832-97B6-6015FF1B62E0.jpeg

    Posted before, but it IS my favorite tree.
  8. I can't say I have a favourite tree but this one has been photographed a few times by me.
  9. Has since fallen or been pushed over.
    Carmel Beach 08_15.jpg

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